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Martial arts and self-defense are only a small part of the lessons in our martial arts school in Hamburg Altona.

“We can do more than what we think.” It’s a belief system that I’ve adopted and that has become my motto. – Wim Hof

My teacher Yakov Schacht taught me that through continuous Training and occasional introduction to what is supposed to be one’s own Limits the psychological and physical barrier is widened bit by bit.

An ultimate aim and largest challenge In a martial arts and self defense school is to give students the opportunity and ability to develop their own freedom to preserve, win or defend in as many areas of life as possible.

A big happiness is to find a teacher who has a real interest in his students and who can meet the challenge. In Japan it is said that your relationship with your parents lasts one life, but your relationship with your teacher lasts seven lives. Without wanting to go into this idiom too much, it is certainly that too Inspiration meant that a good teacher will pass on to his students and that will be carried out into the world by them.

One inspiration of the past few days is the story of a man’s name “Wim Hof”. This wim is remarkable in many ways. He is also the teacher of numerous students and regularly inspires them with exceptional achievements.

It is said that Wim has been looking for a real one for a long time Lehrer was to inspire him. To do this, he has traveled to the most remote places in our world and has different forms of Meditation, breathing and Movements he learns. At the end of his search, he found that the best teacher for him was the nature is. He was particularly fascinated by the cold.

With the help of breathing and meditation, he is able to stay in more extreme cold to survive. He went barefoot and only wearing a hat and running shorts and ran a half marathon about 160 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Three years later he dived a distance of 80 meters under arctic ice. The necessary Breathing & meditation techniques he teaches his students and all interested parties. So it quickly came to an appointment in our Ninjutsu Academy in Osterstrasse 172b. We were shown a technique for meditation and one for breathing and then went into a pool filled with ice and water in order to experience a clearer picture of nature and our inner selves in the cold.

After the joint seminar, all participants are clear strengthened, with more consciousness and with an extraordinary Experience traveled home.

The idea is not only to be a good fighter in physical confrontations, but also to deal with yourself as well as the art of Ninjutsu to continuously develop. The time in the ice bath is particularly suitable for this.

Of course, we have integrated Wim’s method into our regular Ninjutsu training and also tested it together in a mini-seminar on January 25, 2018. A great example of how we help our students to exceed their personal limits.

Will too From part of our Ninjutsu Academy family in our martial arts and self defense school in Hamburg Altona.