The biggest brands of safety equipment

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As with all products on the market, the security equipment offered on our Vetsecurity e-shop are not chosen at random. Being a specialist means first and foremost ensuring quality. This goes through experience, passion for the profession and of course knowledge of the field.

Zoom in on some of our favorite brands of safety equipment and gear and their specialties …

TACTICAL, quality at the top of a complete range for safety!

Military, security guards and law enforcement officers are mostly familiar with this brand of American origin.

Designed with precision, from innovative materials and with the support of operators in the field, the tactical clothing and accessories of this leading brand have become essential for security and law enforcement professionals.

The 5.11 Tactical credo? Always improving mission performance, thanks to the robustness, reliability and power of its equipment, even in hostile environments.

Our 5.11 Tactical Range for private security

Magnum Boots, the foot for safety!

For more than fifteen years, the Magnum shoe, of American origin, has been one of the world’s leading brands in the security sector and the world of intervention. Boots, rangers, socks, soles, laces… All of the brand’s products combine know-how, field experience and the use of innovative cutting-edge materials.

Our MAGNUM shoes

CityGuard, the everyday professional clothing brand!

While some equipment is for exceptional use on a mission, the Cityguard brand ensures daily comfort and clothing for security professionals. T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, pullovers, fleeces, jackets, pants and accessories … Vetsecurite has chosen to deploy a wide CityGuard range on its e-shop to ensure the quality of all the basics that stakeholders need every time. day.

Our CITYGUARD safety gear and accessories

Gerber, much more than knives!

American brand with all products designed in Portland and handcrafted, Gerber has been known since 1939 for the quality of its knives. Today, the brand offers a wide range of tools, kits and equipment dedicated to professionals in security, rescue, the military but also lovers of bivouac, hunting and survival in the wilderness.