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In the list of problems to be solved by advanced societies, two classics stand out: making years and doing them with a sufficient quality of life.

The aging of the population is one of the most important social transformations that we must manage as a society. The decade of healthy aging (2020-2030) should be a great opportunity to improve the quality of life and well-being of the elderly. These should reach a healthy aging, and with good functional and mental capacities. In short, active mind, active body.

More and more older people are over eighty years of age. Science, technology and medicine make possible what seemed impossible: that we live longer. According to forecasts, the increase in life expectancy in the general population will continue in the coming decades. This is a great challenge for most countries in the world. We want to live many years, but we want to do so in good physical and mental condition. Turning years shouldn’t be incompatible with enjoying life without dependencies. This should be a priority in the programs and social actions of the different governments.

But if we are fair, this objective does not only depend solely on the economic, social and health policies promoted by each country. The general population also has a small share of responsibility when it comes to taking care of themselves. Of what we do and what we do not do. We have to have healthy habits, we would have to do physical exercise on a regular basis, and if it can be, this activity would have to be programmed and directed by professionals. Having a positive attitude when facing the challenges of each day and the joy of having a birthday will also help us achieve this goal.

Science speaks to us in silver. There are many studies by doctors and researchers that tell us that the practice of programmed physical exercise can be as effective as a drug. This exercise helps to maintain a good physical and mental state of those who practice it.

The program must have activities where physical capacities such as strength, resistance or flexibility are worked, and that in practice cognitive exercises are introduced.

At DiR we have always been moved by the sensitivity to focus and promote healthy lifestyle habits to the general population. Long before what is now known as ‘active aging’ began to be talked about, DiR created specific sessions for the elderly and for the special population. In our Clubs, this product is known as the ‘Cuida’t’ program. These are different directed activities, with musical support, created to provide a solution for senior adults, both those who have been practicing physical exercise for years, and those who join this practice after many years of physical inactivity. This offer is also aimed at people with pathologies that require exercise without any risk of injury such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, prostheses, back, cervical or lumbar problems, as well as hypertension.

You can find the different sessions of the ‘Cuida’t’ program in all DiR clubs in the morning, and although they all have something in common, adaptations can be made according to the public of each club and their needs. You can follow the sessions in person, but also live from the DiRaCasa platform and from other DiR clubs through the streaming. Therefore, to reduce and delay possible physical and mental dependencies, it is key to lead an active and healthy life.

In short, “a good starting point may be to understand that advanced age does not imply differences in treatment or rights. The elderly are active and capable people, who must live in dignified conditions and enjoy their freedom ”. Achieving it begins with ourselves.