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About Us

Remain Safe

At the point when’s it’s dim outside and only you’re, don’t chance the opportunity of getting attacked or robbed by outsiders. Convey ground-breaking self preservation pepper showers from Academy Sports. Produced using concentrated peppers, our blinding pepper showers can be shot from a few feet away and leave your casualties incapacitated in-torment while you rush to find support. A considerable lot of our pepper showers can be utilized more than 20 times, defending you from expected assaults for quite a long time or much more. With most being effectively connectable to your number one key ring, it’s anything but difficult to keep the defensive shower close by while walking around the city late around evening time or while taking your canine for a night walk. Rapidly snatch your mace among the numerous things in your satchel and stop culprits before they can submit a demonstration of brutality against you. We esteem your prosperity and need to ensure we can outfit you with the instruments important to shield yourself against undesirable advances. Take protection gauges and organize self-preservation with pepper splash.

Attentive, Disguised, and Efficient

While our mace showers come in conventional splash bottles, for additional security, consider getting one of our showers in a cunningly camouflaged bundle or a proficient strategic pepper firearm. Mirroring the vibe of ordinary lipsticks or aroma bottles, your aggressors won’t understand what hit them when you pull out our covered up on display mace showers.

Self Protection

At the point when you are without anyone else it is imperative to ensure you are outfitted with the basics to secure you if there should be an occurrence of an assault from a culprit. Guarantee your security consistently buying self-protection items at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Shop for self-preservation items for the whole family including defensive stuff for mothers, fathers and kids. No one can really tell when risk can strike, so it is essential to consistently get ready yourselves as well as other people. Peruse through an assortment of self-preservation devices including stick, pepper shower, individual alerts, Tasers and immobilizers.


Self Protection Shop is a producer and wholesaler of more than 350 items identified with individual security and self preservation.


Administration. Quality. Steadfastness. Life span. Genuineness. Honesty.

For what reason do these components make Self Defense Shop Different ?

Administration – We apply the brilliant principle here. We treat you simply like we would hope to be dealt with. Ever object to our items or administrations? Reach us and we will do the most extreme conceivable to guarantee your total fulfillment. We need YOU to be content with our items and administrations! Anything less, and WE won’t be upbeat.

Quality – 5 years in business has permitted us to discover and sell straightforwardly to you just the best items. Counting the most sizzling pepper splash and most noteworthy force immobilizers.

Trustworthiness – Tens of thousands of clients and business’ have come to rely upon Self Defense Shop for their own guard item needs.

Life span – 5 years ! One of the first and one of the oldest.Our history justifies itself with real evidence.

Trustworthiness – If we are not fair with you, we just couldn’t live with ourselves. Misleading individuals or giving bogus vows to cajole you into working with us is something that you will NEVER involvement in Self Defense Shop

Uprightness – We remain behind what we sell, what we do and what we give. Enough said.

What you won’t discover with Self Defense Shop is a lot of promotion. We don’t have a site that is one major long attempt to seal the deal that attempts to persuade you why we are the best or the greatest. We don’t utilize tributes from organizations that are no longer in business with an end goal to help give you warm fuzzies about us. We won’t attempt to persuade you that we are your solitary decision. We do comprehend that you are savvy, astute and can settle on your own educated purchasing choices.

Much obliged to you for your advantage and your time.

Sincerely, Learn self-defense