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Many people feel the need to learn to defend themselves and thus be able to survive any physical attack.

The truth is that there is a long list of martial arts that have been created for this purpose, so choosing one in particular will depend on the preferences that each person has.

These practices have as a primary rule the exclusive use of the body, keeping aside any type of weapon or instrument.

In this article we will take a tour of different disciplines, so that you can inform yourself correctly and choose the combat style that is most attractive to you.

1.-Keysi Fighting Method

We start with one that will possibly appeal to your sense of belonging. The Keysi Fighting Method is a self defense method created in Spain and whose main characteristic is the lethality of its movements.

It focuses mainly on protecting the vital points of the human body and counterattacking the opponent with fast movements. One of the peculiarities of this fighting style is that any area of ​​your body can end up being a deadly weapon.

Its two creators separated their paths over time and this martial art was divided into two schools: “Keysi” and “Defense Lab”


An oriental discipline widely known in the world and whose tradition has attracted hundreds of thousands of people to practice it.

The basis of his training is found in perseverance, discipline and physical demand, putting mental stability and full body awareness as fundamental pillars of this practice.

Their main weapons are the elbows, the feet and the edges of the hands, areas of the body that allow them to deliver really strong, dry blows to the opponent.

3.-Kick Boxing

This sport is constituted as a mixture of different disciplines. During their fights we can witness boxing and karate techniques, and both legs and arms can be used as weapons.

It is very similar to the Thai sport Muay Thai, although it excludes knee and elbow strikes. It requires extremely demanding training to strengthen the different muscles that come into play in each battle.

Grants fighting skills for any type of situation

.kick boxing gimnasio sparta

4.-Jiu Jitsu

When we refer to martial arts, we tend to look a lot towards the East and its different disciplines. Jiu Jitsu is no exception to this trend, since it has its origin in Japan and corresponds to one of the most traditional practices in the world.

Jiu Jitsu focuses mainly on defense, applying a series of techniques that can lead to immobilizing enemies in a very painful way.


If you like the subtlety and beauty of the movements, Aikido should be a very attractive option for you. Its origin takes place in the influence of different martial arts, giving rise to a unique and vigorous style.

The fighting style is characterized by the harmony of its techniques and each fight could easily be compared to a beautiful dance.

It is a discipline that is totally based on defense, strengthening support points and teaching how to read the flow of force in attackers. In this way, the adversary’s inertia can be used to neutralize attacks and avoid the use of violence.


One of the most popular sports throughout the world. Boxing is a fighting style that is based on the use of the fists and arms, which are used as a weapon and shield throughout the fight.

The most important rule of boxing is that punches should only target the upper body.

This discipline requires its followers to strengthen a large number of muscles. The legs require agility and strength to keep up the combat rhythm and escape the blows, while the arms will carry all the power of your blows.

7.-Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a martial art of Chinese origin whose tradition already has more than 400 years of history. One of the elements that make this discipline a perfect tool for personal defense is that it lacks a clear regulation when fighting.

This is one of the main differences with the rest of contact sports, where the application in everyday situations becomes much more difficult.

One of the advantages of Wing Chun is that it does not require having a privileged body for its practice, allowing anyone to learn its teachings.

wing chung martial art


Judo is one of those oriental disciplines that is based on the defense and submission of the opponent over the execution of attacks. It is designed to be applied in physical confrontations, so it may not have great results against an armed adversary.

In this practice different types of grabs and throws are used based on the force with which the opponent executes his attacks.

9.-Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a well-known fighting style in the world and can also be called Thai Boxing. In this martial art it is allowed to use the strongest areas of the body in order to deliver highly effective attacks.

Feet, hands, elbows and knees are some of the parts of the body that are used in Muay Thai, demanding during their training to gain enough strength and agility to represent a real threat in front of your opponents.

10.-Krav Magá

Krav Magá is one of the combat techniques that offers the greatest effectiveness when defending ourselves from an aggressor. Its main premise is to end the combat quickly and occupy any means for this to be so.

It is used by different military corps in the world, learning during the training process how to quickly and effectively attack some vital points of the adversary.

Hitting areas such as the joints or focusing on the reproductive organs are part of the range of options that Krav Magá offers you.

We hope that this tour of the different martial arts of the world has helped you discover new fighting styles and determine which one best suits your preferences.