10 Self-Defense moves You MUST Know | Aikido Martial Art

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There are countless reasons why one may plan to train in martial arts. That said, one amongthe highest and commonest reasons is in order thatthey will learn moves which will protect them from harm – or maybe potentially save their life at some point. If you’recurious abouttaking over a martial arts discipline for its self-defense techniques, it’s crucial to know that they’re not cut from an equivalent cloth. In other words, some martial arts disciplines are definitely simpler than others in avoiding violent physical attacks. On this post, we’re sharing an inventory of the highest 10 best martial arts disciplines (in no particular order) for self-defense and survival. As a bonus, we’ve included short anecdotes of these who have experienced and/or witnessed the effectiveness of martial arts practice in real world situations. We hope that their insights will assist youto make a decision on which discipline you need to pursue. Read on!