The pros and cons of the most popular types of martial arts in Hamburg

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If you use the term “Martial arts Hamburg“You will get over a million results on Google. This shows how many opportunities you have to learn martial arts as a Hamburg-based artist. You can choose from an extensive portfolio of different martial arts. Karate, Krav Maga, Thai boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, kickboxing and many other martial arts. The list goes on forever. All of these sports have very different movement patterns and training concepts and yet they have one thing in common: These martial arts, which are very popular in Hamburg, not only have advantages, but also negative sides. Especially in comparison to ninjutsu, the most variable and sustainable martial arts, it quickly becomes clear what is missing in the individual types of martial arts.

As part of this blog post I would like to briefly introduce you to the most popular types of martial arts in Hamburg and discuss their disadvantages compared to ninjutsu. I would also like to show you why you too can benefit from ninjutsu.

Overview of the most popular types of martial arts in Hamburg

Erstens: Brazilian Ju-Jutsu

The Brazilian Ju-Jutsu is the Brazilian form of wrestling and is a direct development of Judo. Since judo itself has its roots in ninjutsu, one can say that ninjutsu is the grandfather of the BJJ. BJJ is characterized by the fact that it is an extremely modern martial art. It is creative, demanding and characterized by complex actions. At the same time, it’s a lifestyle of its own, shaped by the Californian way of life. Sun, surf, beach. Undoubtedly better than a martial art that embodies the rainy everyday life of Hamburg, right?

In addition, the sport is to become Olympic in the next few years and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is a competitive sport.

The advantages of ninjutsu over BJJ:

And this is exactly where the decisive disadvantage of the BJJ lies. A BJJ fight is a competitive situation in which there are clearly defined rules and a referee. This creates a fixed framework that does not exist in a real self-defense situation on the street. Everything is allowed there. The use in everyday life is therefore only limited. In addition, kicks and punches are prohibited in Brazilian Ju-Jutsu. Wrestling is at the heart of the sport. In ninjutsu, on the other hand, all stylistic devices are used. Components are punches, kicks, wrestling. You will learn how to defend yourself effectively in an anarchist everyday situation. Without any referees or rules.

Second: Krav Maga

Another in the capital for Martial arts Hamburg it is a very popular martial art Krav Maga. Krav Maga comes from Israel and is the martial art there that all military and paramilitary units learn. It was explicitly developed by Emil Lichtenfeld with the purpose of eliminating the other person through a ruthless and aggressive approach. It was developed for military use and requires a soldier to be armed in order to be used effectively. Krav Maga is easy to learn because it focuses on repeating certain processes over and over again.

The advantages of Ninjutsu over Krav Maga:

Krav Maga was developed for the military through and through. It is therefore not really effective in a self-defense situation. A retreat or protection of other people is not intended. Instead, the martial art relies on the motto: Attack department. In contrast, ninjutsu is much more balanced. Ninjutsu isn’t just about attacking, it also offers different solutions to situations where you have to run away or want to protect someone else. Just like the BJJ, Krav Maga is not particularly suitable for everyday use.

By the way: Did you know that the developer of Krav Maga met two grand masters of ninjutsu for inspiration and was inspired by them? Therefore, all elements of Krav Maga are also part of Ninjutsu. But Ninjutsu is not only as one-sided as Krav Maga, it also offers a much more comprehensive training.

Drittens: Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is the abbreviation for the term Mixed Martial Arts and has its origin in America. The sport became known around the world, in particular through the UFC. Meanwhile it is by far the most media-effective martial arts. The wave of excitement when Conor McGregor fights seems to know no bounds. There are even martial arts public viewings in Hamburg, where hundreds of people beat their ears all night.

Originally, MMA was about letting fighters from different disciplines compete against each other. It fights as, for example, a judoka against a karate master. But after a short time it became clear that special techniques are particularly effective and so-called cross-learning began. This concept has been around in ninjutsu for thousands of years. Ninjutsu follows the dialectical approach, i.e. the adaptation of contemporary and the discarding of outdated techniques.

Advantage of Ninjutsu over MMA:

In ninjutsu, the students learn together. It’s not about the idea of ​​competition. In addition, they are optimally developed for a situation that, in the best case, never happens. Ninjutsu clearly follows the motto: Better the warrior in the garden than the gardener in war. So it is better to be well prepared for a situation that will hopefully never happen than to get into an unlikely situation unprepared and then not know what to do.

Fourth: Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a great way to learn martial arts and self-defense. There are hundreds of different styles of Kung Fu. Every martial arts dojo in Hamburg offers a single style. While some styles are particularly tough, there are other styles that are characterized by soft combat. The influences of Kung Fu are also present in ninjutsu.

The advantages of ninjutsu over kung fu

Probably the biggest advantage that Ninjutsu can have compared to Kung Fu is that different Kung Fu styles can be combined with one another. In contrast to classic Kung Fu, elements from hard and soft styles are combined. As a result, the students are more flexible and can react better to their own condition in an emergency situation. At the same time, teaching ninjutsu remains more exciting in the long run.

In addition, there is no classic club structure in Hamburg’s Ninjutsu Dojos where you have to pay money to be accepted into a new section and to learn new techniques. Rather, in ninjutsu, the knowledge is not withheld, but is freely accessible to everyone and is imparted to you by the qualified trainer.

Conclusion: The most versatile kind of martial arts in Hamburg is ninjutsu

All of the martial arts presented in this blog post have their very own charm and are not among the most popular martial arts in Hamburg for nothing. Even so, these martial arts feature just in comparison with Ninjutsu about major drawbacks.

Ninjutsu is an incredibly versatile and flexible martial art. With the help of ninjutsu courses you can react to threatening situations in everyday life and behave appropriately. Of course, we all hope that you will never get into a situation where you need to apply your knowledge, but it is better to prepare for the increasingly likely case. As I said, it is better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener at war.

But ninjutsu also offers so much more extensive added value. It follows the concept of “Killing and Healing”. This means that in addition to the actual fight, another important component is maintaining and building the health of you and the people who are important to you. Japanese healing methods are taught, you get an insight into the world of acupuncture, acupressure and yoga. At the same time you will learn breathing techniques and if you are interested you can also learn the art of osteopathy.

There are also major disadvantages for younger people when they practice traditional martial arts. Martial arts for children Damages the joints and the growth of the bones from constant blows and kicks. In Ninjutsu, on the other hand, age is taken into account and the exercises have no negative effects, because in Ninjutsu martial arts children do not use punches and kicks.

So you can see that ninjutsu goes far beyond classic martial arts. It is a way of life that will enrich you and your life. Promised!