What are the basic equipment for night work?

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Secure and rescue 24 hours a day, an extraordinary vocation.
National Police but also Municipal Police, Professional or volunteer firefighters, Gendarmes… Are part of the brigades which work at night from 10 pm to 6 am and are on the ground, daily, always ready to intervene.
For their night missions, these need a particularly suitable equipment that they can find in its entirety on SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE !

Lighting, the first challenge for night equipment!

Public lighting more and more often switched off at night in the city, open countryside, difficult to access areas or disasters … night interventions for the rescue teams and security are all the more difficult in the dark, which is why it is essential to be optimally equipped to be more efficient.

Torches but also headlamps very functional in action are now available in high-performance versions, sophisticated but easy to use and above all rechargeable just like certain batteries which are adapted to them.

Retro-reflective equipment, safety allies for night interventions!

As we know, visibility is vital in rescue, law enforcement and security professions. The retro-reflective equipment are therefore above all protective clothing for professionals in these sectors. Indeed, at night with his lights, a driver will only see a pedestrian on the road 30 meters if he is not wearing any retro-reflective equipment or vest, against 160 meters if he is equipped with a retro-reflective device.

Pants, sweaters, jackets, armbands, bibs or even vests, are all solutions to equip yourself with a retro-reflective device in order to be visible and to carry out night interventions safely.

Anti-cold night equipment to stay efficient in the field!

Fighting the cold is one of the primary concerns of all those working in the field at night. In all seasons, temperatures drop at night, can be negative and interfere with the smooth running of the work and interventions of rescuers, law enforcement and security officers. Since then, how to protect yourself optimally from the cold at night?