Job: Fire safety officer

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Less known than the profession of firefighter, but very present in the territory, thefire safety officer officiates mainly in structures or buildings which receive the public such as hospitals, State institutions (…). Their main mission? Prevention and monitoring of fire risks.

The missions of the fire safety officer

The daily missions of the security guard? Prevent the risks associated with a fire and ensure that it can be brought under control quickly and in the best possible safety conditions in the event of an outbreak.

For this, he must ensure every day that the alarm systems work perfectly well and that the “first equipment” of fire fighting, such as extinguishers, are in good condition to be used and correctly accessible. Assimilating the risks related to the fire of the building that he supervises at first, the fire safety officer must secondly, to make regular rounds but also to sensitize the people who work in the building or the structure. at these risks. He must be able to “set off the alarm and give the alert” at any time, then to warn and even guide rescue teams such as firefighters dispatched to the scene and help to secure and then to the site. evacuation of the premises.

Fire safety officer, suitable professional equipment

To be able to be very responsive, one of the first qualities required for a fire safety officer, you must also be very well equipped! Thus, it is obviously essential to wear complete equipment consisting of a polo shirt or t-shirt (and a jacket if necessary) red stamped with the word fire safety, a fire safety pants black or navy, equipped with retro-reflective bands on the calves and rangers soft leather.

On the accessories side, the fire safety officer will, at a minimum, be equipped with a badge holder, intervention gloves fitted if necessary (+ glove holder), and a flashlight designed for use in extreme conditions.