Self-defense training

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Today, insecurity is more and more present in the streets or even in public transport. This is due to an increase in delinquency and places many people in awkward positions when they have to move at night or in an unknown place. No one is immune from physical and verbal attack, but we must not forget that women are, all the same, more exposed to this risk.

This is why more and more means are being put in place to remedy these incidents of daily life. The practice of self-defense is spreading more and more on French territory with the learning of sports as varied as Krav-Maga, Systhéma, street boxing or more traditional such as tai jitsu, ju jitsu or aikido. In this article, we will discuss the different aspects of these practices as well as the means to put in place during a possible attack.


Self defense, which results in self defense, is the fact of defending oneself against aggression. This technique helps to develop confidence, a feeling of security, but also self-esteem. These classes see their attendance doubling every year. They are very successful and are generally held in martial arts clubs.

Personal defense stems from traditional martial arts that were developed during centuries of war. They are therefore the result of long experience and have proven their effectiveness. For example, the practice of Krav Maga, a means of self-defense of Jewish and Israeli origin, combines techniques from boxing, judo, ju-jitsu, wrestling and karate. It can allow an individual to get out of a delicate situation facing a more physically imposing aggressor using quick and precise gestures.

It should be noted that the use as well as the practices have been transformed by various phenomena such as the arrival of firearms.

A little more detail

Open to everyone, beginners as well as experts in martial arts, these self-defense sports are increasingly used by women. The appropriation of physical, verbal and psychological defense techniques as well as the repetition of these gestures and actions allow you to feel confident in the face of a possible aggressor.

These very diverse and varied techniques can be inspired by those used in the army or by the police. In addition, it is also possible to respond to an assault with everyday objects such as a folded newspaper, a pen or even an umbrella. Professionals can teach you these different modes of action. Thus, you will improve your physical form, but you will also be able to develop or acquire aspects of your personality such as personal autonomy, self-esteem, confidence, a feeling of security or even fear management. You will quickly see that an improvement in your “training” will impact you in many areas of everyday life.

Know that no matter the size, weight or gender of your attacker, you can incapacitate anyone if you know how to reach the most vulnerable places (eyes, nose, throat, chest, knees, groin). Promoting a simple and effective action like a blow to the groin is one solution taught in all self-defense classes.

Self defense

One of the essential rules inculcated during self-defense sessions is the principle of proportionality: it ensures that the risk is fair with regard to the attack.

The use of self-defense must intervene mainly in a context of self-defense. In order for it to be justified, this response must meet three criteria: necessity (there is no other way of avoiding danger), simultaneity (the reaction must be immediate, one must not act out of revenge) and proportionality (there must be no excess in the response).

You have to be able to respond spontaneously to an attacker, armed or not. In addition, it is important to know that each person can have additional means of defense such as a non-lethal weapon.

These weapons were developed to induce temporary disability while limiting adverse effects. These so-called sublethal weapons have a low lethal potential. In fact, we cannot be sure that the person does not risk dying following misuse of the weapon or following a complication (health problem, fall, etc.)

The low dangerousness of these weapons explains why they can be possessed without special authorization. The most common example is the tear gas canister, in particular thanks to its size, ease of use and immediate effectiveness. However, when using it, be careful when you are in an enclosed space, if there is wind and / or drafts as well in order to prevent it from collapsing. turns against you.

Have no more fears, no more fears. Ensure your safety and develop your confidence.