What budget to invest to deal effectively with burglaries?

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The front door

Did you know that 63% of burglaries happen through the front door? Discouraging when we believe that our lock protects us. But if no lock can resist forever, it can at least dissuade the burglar … It is indeed reported that a burglar would give up after 4 minutes of an intrusion attempt, a good security must therefore withstand a longer period of time. The National Center for Prevention and Protection (CNPP) delivers certifications, in particular the A2P (Prevention Protection Insurance), which can obtain between 1 and 3 stars. A level 3 door set or lock can withstand burglary for 15 minutes. For a certified door set, it takes between 2000 and 5000 euros, for the lock between 1000 and 2000 euros.

The Windows

In 23% of burglaries, the break-in occurs through a window, yet there are simple ways to secure them. As with the doors, it is possible to secure their openings or to install shutter bars at a lower cost. You can view all certified products or brands via the CNPP website. It is recommended to choose aluminum shutters, which are more resistant than PVC ones and, for more security, it is advisable to opt for laminated glass glazing: these are layers of plastics that are inserted between the windows. In addition to safety, this specific glazing has a sound insulation effect and the intumescent gel models are even fire resistant. Laminated glass glazing costs between 200 and 400 euros per square meter.

Alarms and remote monitoring

Also with a view to deterrence, the alarms emit a sound at more than 110 decibels, when they are activated their owners receive an alert SMS. Today it is possible to find alarms very easily from 1000 dollars. Finally, for optimal protection, nothing beats remote monitoring: several formulas and subscriptions are offered by certain specialized companies. Among them are security-alarm-video-surveillance from the international leader Mondial Assistance, which offers “all-inclusive” packages between 20 and 30 dollars per month, and which include installation, maintenance and upkeep.