Martial arts for children in Hamburg: which martial arts is the best?

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There are hundreds of different options Martial arts for children in Hamburg exercise. In addition to a variety of different martial arts, there are also various different martial arts schools in Hamburg that offer special children’s training. While the courses on the website are explicitly described as child-friendly and risk-free, the reality is a different picture. Because techniques are taught in these courses that involve massive health risks, the children expose themselves to a danger that the parents probably underestimate and do not recognize. Serious injuries can result. The word “can” is important at this point. Not all martial arts courses for children in Hamburg actually teach dangerous techniques. Martial arts, if taught in an age-appropriate context, are also a great opportunity for children to improve their own self-confidence and to distract themselves from the stressful everyday life.

In order to make it easier for you, as a parent, to find a suitable opportunity for your children to practice martial arts in Hamburg, this text will deal more closely with the topic of martial arts for children in Hamburg. He will show you why it makes sense to start martial arts at an early age, what the dangers of martial arts for children are and why the Ninjutsu Altona courses for children are completely risk-free and represent an opportunity to sustainably improve the lives of your kids improve.

In which situations does martial arts make sense for children in Hamburg?

There are very different situations in which it can be useful for children to practice martial arts. One of these situations is when the child is being teased and bullied at school, for example. It is not only the physical damage suffered, for example from blows or kicks, that counts, but also the psychological damage. As a result, children are often extremely scared of going to school and withdraw.

In addition, martial arts are extremely helpful for children when the children suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Not every child is a rampage pig or the class clown. And that’s just as well. In martial arts training nobody should be forced to become someone they are not. Rather, it is about taking away the shyness of the children and preventing the children from becoming isolated in class or in society. Often times, self-confident children have a hard time making friends in class and don’t have many friends. The children often suffer greatly from this condition, even if they would never admit it openly. This is exactly where martial arts training for children in Hamburg can help.

But martial arts for children is not only useful for kids who find themselves in problematic situations. Rather, martial arts training for children also offers very general advantages from which kids of all ages and walks of life benefit. For example, this includes reducing stress. Our special training gives children the opportunity to do sports and thus get rid of the stress that has built up in everyday life. They also get really fit, learn how to enjoy movement and, ideally, learn a new, fulfilling hobby. The focus is always on the health of the children – at least in the martial art Ninjutsu, which is ideal for children.

How can children benefit from ninjutsu?

The martial art ninjutsu is especially suitable for children for a variety of reasons. It offers various advantages that are not as weighty in other martial arts for children.

In ninjutsu, for example, holistic training takes place, where the children not only learn self-defense techniques, but also build real self-confidence. One of the most important lessons in ninjutsu is that self-esteem is the father of all good qualities. Mildness, courtesy, friendliness, respect and many other qualities develop out of self-confidence that improve life in the long term. It is precisely these characteristics that lead to a different standing of the child in the class and make it easier to socialize and make friends.

In ninjutsu training, the children learn that the point is not to attack other children (for example, when they are bullied by them), but rather that the kids work on themselves, develop a new standing and the others verbally clearly in their place. These bounds are based on the Triple A- Prinzip, which teaches the individual means in a confrontation. 1.A: Announcement (make a clear announcement to the other person and say that you don’t want something), 2. A: Attention (draw other people’s attention to the situation, e.g. teachers, parents, etc.), 3.A: Action (This is the last resort and includes the use of self-defense techniques).

In addition to self-defense skills and self-confidence, the children’s fitness also increases. They learn to playfully fight with each other and to wrestle on the floor. You learn to throw and learn to make clear announcements (both to other children and adults).

Sustainable martial arts for children in Hamburg in the Dojo Altona Ninjutsu

If you are looking for a suitable place where your children can benefit from the many advantages of the martial art ninjutsu in a safe and professional environment, then you have come to the right place. We are the Dojo Altona Ninjutsu and have been offering special Ninjutsu training groups for children for many years. In this section we would like to show you what makes our concepts so unique and good.

First of all, it should be mentioned that our training concepts are clearly optimized to create a risk-free environment. With us, the children cannot injure themselves during training or in the long term. Why? Because we completely refrain from punches and kicks. These are a serious danger for children at a young age, as the joints of the kids are still far too soft. If these techniques are repeated over and over, the kids are putting themselves in serious danger, making serious injury or long-term sequelae very likely. Rather, we rely on the playful framework in which the children learn techniques. And with techniques at this point we don’t mean punches and kicks, but wrestling and throwing. In addition, our training includes a warm-up program, which has a health-promoting effect with the help of elements from yoga and Thai Chi.

Our courses:

In doing so, we focus on courses that are as mixed as possible, which are characterized by high age differences among the participants. Both small and large children benefit from the training. The big children can teach the small children downwards and thereby develop even more self-confidence. The small children, on the other hand, can look up and look for role models to emulate. This increases the kids’ motivation significantly.

Nonetheless, we also offer advanced training, of course, where kids, regardless of age, but only based on the skills and knowledge they have learned, receive further information and can develop professionally and personally.

In each of our trainings there is a so-called campfire – a circle of seats where our professional trainers teach traditional values ​​that make up ninjutsu. In addition, the participants and the trainer talk to each other. The trainer uses short stories, parables and other formats to convey important and instructive knowledge. Examples of this are cool ideas on how to deal with one’s environment in a useful and sustainable manner.

So you can see that it is extremely useful for children to start training in martial arts for children in Hamburg at an early age. The possible risks from damage to health should also not be a factor in your decision, as they do not exist in our training. If we have piqued your interest, please do not hesitate to visit our website to find out more about martial arts training for children and to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to you!

Your Altona Ninjutsu team