What are the essential equipment for the bivouac?

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From outdoor military mission at theancestral leisure activity through the “Bushcraft”, the “Survivalisme” and the hiking in the forest or in the mountains, the bivouac requires special preparation and equipment adapted to the terrain.

Zoom on the bivouac equipment necessary to have the best conditions during this experience closer to nature …

Sleeping, a crucial point of military camping …

Army soldier or simply passionate about outdoor activities, sleeping outdoors is one of the main challenges of the bivouac!
Close to nature, you have to know how to choose where to deploy your camp, but for that, you must above all be well equipped, if possible sheltered and leave nothing to chance!

In the heart of the camp, tents to protect themselves as well as possible from bad weather and cold, tarpaulins, camouflage netting, tensioning stakes, ground sheet, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags and overbags with different thermal properties, camp beds, hammocks and mosquito nets to prevent the best possible invasion of pests… There are many essential equipment and accessories that will provide minimum comfort and maximum safety depending on the terrain concerned.

Survival equipment, essential for several days in nature!

Soldiers, hikers, campers and survivalists must know and adopt the equipment necessary for survival in nature. For outdoor missions or bivouacs lasting several nights in the heart of the forest or in the mountains, certain accessories are simply essential: torches or headlamps for lighting, heaters, fire starters, storm lighters, first aid kits, survival blankets, necessary for food (stoves, fuel, bowls, gourds, cutlery, combat rations …) survival hatchet or daggers, shovels, compasses and topography accessories …

The backpack, the number one ally of the bivouac!

Leaving for a bivouac? In order to carry all the equipment necessary for survival in the wild, a military backpack and adapted to the situation is absolutely essential! Of

15 L to 120 L depending on needs and use, military backpacks have essential and indisputable properties of strength but also of comfort, for long walks in sometimes harsh and extreme conditions with a heavy load.