How to choose your training equipment for combat and shooting?

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In the majority of security professions, thecoaching is part of the daily life of professionals. Whether in the police, the gendarmerie, the army… Today we are going to see what is the essential equipment to be able to train at the practice of combat and shooting …

Hand combat.

L’combat training is very regular for all security professionals. Physical condition is very important as is the knowledge of combat techniques in order to be able to defend yourself in all situations …

One of the most used equipment is the punching bag. It is used to work the precision and striking force. It allows you to get in good condition without hurting yourself or your partner. It is also suitable forstick training and tonfa thanks to its great resistance.

Intervention techniques …

L’training in intervention techniques is essential. In order to be in a realistic situation, manydummy weapons exist and allow you to work on disarmament.

One of the best known is the dummy knife which is simply a molded plastic part. Most of the time in a bright color in order to notice it quickly and not to confuse it with a real bladed weapon.

There are also dummy guns to work on disarmament. Like the knife, it is brightly colored. In order to perform an almost perfect simulation, these training weapons have dimensions identical to real gun models.

We have seen equipment for disarmament training, but there are also products for disarmament training.lead to the questioning.

You can use different kinds of training handcuffs depending on your use:

This equipment will allow training in the questioning or release of an individual.

Other examples of equipment exist such as training aerosols. This product projects like tear gas, a flame retardant gel compliant with legislation.

Shooting training.

L’shooting training is also a classic in the trades of the army and the police. Accessories are essential to protect you. Several solutions exist for hearing protections :

The choice of your hearing protection depends on your shooting training frequency. For fairly rare training, you can bring disposable caps but if your training is more frequent, we advise you to take reusable caps. Finally if you have a budget, helmet remains the most comfortable and effective hearing protection.

In order to protect you from all projections of shots, we advise you to also bring a pair of sunscreen.

For a indoor workout the use of ballistic glasses fitted with transparent lenses is recommended and for a outdoor training, it will rather be ballistic glasses with tinted lenses.

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