New Vetsecurity X Archiduchesse Partnership

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We are happy to announce the new partnership between Vetsecurity and Archiduchesse. Let’s see the behind the scenes of this partnership and the why of this collection capsule !

Who is

The latter is a French manufacturer of pairs of socks quality since 2009. Born in Saint-Étienne, the brand is very attached to the fact of offering 100% Made in France products. There are pairs of socks for all tastes at Archiduchesse: very colorful, models with patterns, or products a lot more sober… The Made in France allows to guarantee a very high product quality obviously. They are intended for people who want to easily match their outfits.

Why a Vetsecurity X Archiduchesse partnership?

With two very different worlds, you say to yourself why such a partnership? Because we share the same patriotic values than Archduchess. the Made in France is an important concept for Vetsecurity customers whether it is the Gendarmes, the Military, the Fire Brigade, the Police … They are all committed to France, which is why we think it is important to highlight brands like Archiduchesse.

High quality products

The brand makes every effort to offer the the most qualitative products possible. Knitting is carried out in best conditions with recognized know-how. In addition, Archiduchesse does not choose just any materials for its products. She is currently using a OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, a label guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances for the body and the environment. The proposed socks are therefore comfortable all day long (in addition to being trendy!)

What does this partnership consist of?

We now offer on our e-commerce site some references of the brand. And what better than to represent the Made in France and the values ​​we defend only tricolor socks like the model “sacred French” ?

We also offer simpler models in Navy and Black which will be more suitable for your rangers or your more sober civilian clothes.

Those very soft socks with a fine and solid remeshing are worn high since they arrive mi-mollet. This model is perfect for combining comfort and style. It brings in particular softness and warmth in cold weather.

You can find any of the nine products from this collection capsule directly on our online store to offer to your loved ones (or for yourself!).