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Moin Moin, are you from Hamburg and looking for a new hobby that challenges you mentally and physically, sharpens your mind and enriches your everyday life? Then you are exactly right here! Because today I would like to show you why martial arts can be precisely this fulfilling hobby and what opportunities the German capital offers you Martial arts Hamburg offers to practice martial arts. In Hamburg’s urban area there are countless different ways to learn martial arts. There are various dojos, martial arts schools and courses. You can therefore choose exactly the martial art that suits you. So that you can find your way around the tight network of martial arts within Hamburg and at the same time get a first impression of the extent to which martial arts is an option for you, I would like to go into this article on the advantages and disadvantages of martial arts and show you why martial arts is good can be worthwhile especially in a city like Hamburg.

Living in a Big City: The Benefits of Martial Arts in Hamburg

I am personally an absolute martial arts enthusiast and at this point I would like to give you a few reasons why Martial arts is such a great hobby. First and foremost, this is due to the many advantages that are as different as the opportunities that you have to practice martial arts in Hamburg.

Martial arts make you really fit

Martial arts, as the name suggests, is a sport. One of the main advantages is therefore that you get really fit through martial arts. Unlike in the gym, for example, it is of course not just about getting a big upper arm and developing a body like a bodybuilder. Exercise defines the muscles. The holistic training not only demands the arms, but also the upper body, legs and all deep muscles. The entire body is stressed through the repetitive sequence of kicks, punches and choreographies. Sore muscles and the cool feeling of having really exhausted yourself are of course included after a martial arts lesson? Martial arts also increase the elasticity of the tendons and muscles. You have never been so close to a balancing act as after a certain period of martial arts training in Hamburg.

In addition, countless calories are burned in a martial arts class. Especially in the time after Christmas – we all know it – this is a great side effect. At the same time, your general endurance increases and the quick sprint to the subway, because the train arrives on time, contrary to expectations, will not make you out of breath so quickly. That is a very decisive advantage if you do martial arts in Hamburg (at this point best regards to the HVV?).

In addition, there is another advantage that goes hand in hand with the sporting component of martial arts: You improve your own health. The strenuous workout with short but intense loads stimulates the circulation. This stimulates the blood circulation in your body and strengthens the heart over the long term. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Sounds good right?

Martial arts help you in everyday life

Martial arts can also be extremely helpful for everyday situations that are not related to physical exercise. In this way, your resistance to stress is sustainably increased and you are no longer so easily upset if nothing is going on on the A7 between Bahrenfeld and the Elbe Tunnel. In addition to stress resistance, martial arts also increase the ability to concentrate. The feeling of celebrating a sense of achievement and being able to cope with conflicts significantly increases the self-confidence of martial artists. Especially for introverted children, this effect can have a great influence on everyday life, for example at school, and make it significantly easier. For this reason there are martial arts courses that are explicitly offered for children. A wide variety of martial arts courses for children can be found in Hamburg, the capital of martial arts.

As you can see, martial arts are suitable for young and old and a great thing for everyone and of course every woman. In addition to martial arts courses for children, martial arts courses are only offered for women in Hamburg.

Nevertheless, it must be said at this point that many of the most common martial arts also have disadvantages. I would like to show you these in the following using a specific example.

The disadvantages of the most widespread martial arts in Hamburg using the example of kickboxing

If you search Google for a term like Martial arts Hamburg or martial arts in Hamburg, you will immediately come across courses for the most common martial arts, such as kickboxing. The advantages explained in the previous section apply to this martial art. The problem, however, is that the most common martial arts in Hamburg also have disadvantages. What disadvantages do I mean? I’ll show you now.

Kickboxing is a very popular sport that promises athletes strength and fitness. But just as great as the popularity is also the risk that comes with kickboxing. The goal of kickboxing in a fight is very clear: to bring the opponent to the ground as quickly as possible. For this there is the possibility of using punches as well as kicks. The force acting on the opponent can sometimes be so strong that it leads to a brief blackout (KO). Such a KO can have serious consequences from a neurological point of view. There are studies that suggest that head injuries from kickboxing and boxing have an impact on diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. This damage is comparable to what long-time football players in the NFL can suffer.

Kickboxing involves risks

So there is a big risk if you decide to do kickboxing. Even the protective equipment used in the amateur sector can reduce the power of head hits, but not completely cushion it. Anyone who has ever boxed a round and taken a hit knows that it can hurt a lot despite protection.

At this point I would like to mention that I have nothing against kickboxing, I just wanted to be objective about the risks of the sport. Dear kickboxers, please don’t be mad at me? I still like your sport.

However, the risks explained here do not explicitly apply to all martial arts. There are martial arts that do not involve any risk at all. This includes, for example, the martial art ninjutsu, which is still largely unknown in Hamburg, a sport that comes from the tradition of ninja, which, in addition to classic fighting, also places great value on the psychological and spiritual training of the fighters. The primary goal is not to hurt the other person, but to get to know yourself and your body and to be able to defend yourself appropriately in conflicts.

Conclusion: Martial arts in Hamburg

Martial arts is a great thing and a great hobby. If you live in Hamburg you have great opportunities to practice martial arts, because dojos for Martial arts in Hamburg there is like sand on the Elbe beach. And there are also good reasons to do martial arts as a Hamburg resident: Stressful situations are particularly common in a large city. Martial arts help you to stay relaxed in these situations and to always maintain control over yourself. However, depending on the martial arts, there are risks that you should be aware of if you decide to practice this sport. But not all martial arts are by far as risky as kickboxing.

In principle, the following applies to martial arts: trying is more important than studying. Seldom has this saying been more appropriate. Of course, this text can give you a theoretical overview of martial arts in Hamburg, but it is not enough to just find out more about martial arts, it is much more important to try out martial arts yourself and see how it feels. For this reason, many dojos offer free trial lessons, where you can get a first feel for martial arts. I definitely recommend you to take up such an offer.