All about the SSIAP 1 & 2 training!

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SSIAP is a training in Service from Security Fire and D’Assistance at People. It is addressed to people wishing to work as a fire safety officer in ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public) or by IGH (High rise building).

the SSIAP 1 form for the profession ofFire safety officer and D’assistance to people.

the SSIAP 2 as for him, is endowed with a higher rank. It allows the formation of Fire safety team leader.

We have gathered for you all the prerequisite, Goals, contents, price, examination methods, trades and wages correspondents!

Everything about the SSIAP 1 training:

  • In order to integrate this training, some PREREQUISITES are necessary. You must havephysical skills attested by a medical certificate of less than 3 months, of written skills and spoken and know write the anomalies observed during the rounds. You should also know alert the emergency services and hold at least one of the following first aid certificates: PSC1 for at least 2 years, Recycling in First Aid for less than 2 years, SST valid or PSE1 also valid.

  • This teaching targets several GOALS which are: knowledge of fire behavior and its action on the establishment as well as fire regulations in public buildings and high-rise buildings, the identification of technical installations and the knowledge of safety equipment and maintenance. You will learn the limits of your action but also to put out incipient fires. Finally, for the realization of your achievements, you will be faced with application visits and put in an intervention situation.

  • The training lasts 70 HOURS (excluding exam) and costs around 980.00€ according to the schools present in several cities in France. Remember to find out about the different financing assistance solutions available to you: General Council of your department, the CCAS of your municipality, Employment center and theAFPR (Pre-Recruitment Training Action) or the CPF (Personal Training Account).

  • THE EXAMINATION takes the form of a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questionnaire) of 30 minutes in which the candidate must obtain 12 aumau and a practical test of 15 minutes of inspection round with detection of anomalies and disasters after which it must be assessed “fit” to certify it.

  • Following this training, you will be able to exercise PROFESSIONS intervention in Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Services, like fire safety officer. Your SALARY will likely vary around 1 300€ net per month.

Everything about the SSIAP 2 training:

  • The PREREQUISITES of the trainee to access the training are as follows: he must hold the SSIAP 1 or a regulatory equivalence, he must have worked at least one year in a ERP, a IGH or a building under the fire regulations of the Labor Code.

  • During this course, you will have to validate several GOALS, such as: the management and management of a team, be aware of signal boards and know how to identify and interpret the different signals. You should also be aware of the provisions applicable in industrial hygiene and safety concerning fire safety. Finally, you will need to know the procedures and instructions, manage stakeholders, take them appropriate decisions and finally knowing how to implement the means facilitatingaction of firefighters.

  • THE EXAMINATION is divided into 3 proofs: one written exam with a quiz of 40 questions in 40 minutes, a oral test animation of a 15-minute educational sequence per trainee and a practical test management exercise of the Central Post in a crisis situation, 20 minutes per trainee.

  • Once holder of the SSIAP 2, you will then be able to gain in rank and thus apply for POSITIONS from Fire safety team leader, assigned to manage staff. As a result, you will see your SALARY increase on average to plus or minus 1780 € / month.