Airsoft: The Team Deathmatch

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What is airsoft?

L’airsoft is a game, a sport or even a hobby. The designation often differs between practitioners. We can compare it to a similar activity, better known to the general public: paintball. The main difference is in the supply of rifles and pistols. Those for paintball are fitted with gas tanks, while for theairsoft, the replicas are powered by a source of electricity. In addition, unlike paintball, airsoft relies primarily on le fair-play, the balls not marking the affected person. As stated previously, rifles and pistols used in airsoft are named “replicas”Because they are representations replicating the appearance of a weapon and not its use. The replicas are much more realistic in airsoft.

This discipline is exercised within a association or an organization grouping together several players. If you are new to airsoft, or have just joined an association, know that the practice is different from one game to another, but also from one association to another and even between different teams. Indeed, airsoft is based on different scenarios of parties, depending on the location and number of participants.

The Team Deathmatch

The scenario of Team Deathmatch (MSM) is the basic principle of a game of airsoft. This scenario is the first game mode practiced when you are new to the discipline.

Two teams compete in order to achieve as many eliminations as possible within a time limit or an imposed “score”.

Before starting the game, each team chooses a starting point (Spawn Point). Therefore your objective will be to eliminate your opponents. If you get hit, you return to the spawn point. As stated previously, the game can take place within a time limit or count the number of times you are killed, the number of “regenerations” being limited. At the end of the game, the team having eliminated the most opponents or having the most members still in the running, wins the game.

If you want intensify your games, you can remove the respawn point and impose a single authorized kill per person which will make the stakes even higher. It’s a scenario that can quickly become very rhythmic, many strategies that can be adopted thanks in particular to allies who cover your back.

Finally, we cannot stress enough the importance of protection, essential when practicing airsoft. It is necessary to always wear a eye protection whether it is a masque or some Protective glasses. In addition, many pieces of equipment will allow you to ensure optimal protection. Opt for elbow pads and knee pads, a helmet, a tactical vest, … All the necessary equipment available now on your online store SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE.