Handcuffing in times of health crisis (Covid-19)

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In a context of health crisis that touched the world in 2020 and after a compulsory confinement in order to limit the spread of the virus, we are now obliged to find adapted solutions so as not to bring up a new wave of contamination.

In parallel with compulsory barrier gestures to respect, wearing a mask, regular hand washing (gels hydroalcooliques, antibacterial wipes, …), social distancing, etc., each daily habit must be rethought to continue living despite the constant threat.

Barrier gestures against COVID-19

Menotter is part of the regular professional activities of gendarmes, police officers or security guards who must daily face the risk of epidemics.


The disposable handcuffs are now an essential tool so that peacekeepers do not have to use the same ones for each person arrested, in order to reduce the risk of spread between detainees, but also between detainees and law enforcement officers.

This equipment is all the more used for large gatherings, during multiple arrests in demonstrations for example.

These disposable handcuffs may take the form of Disposable Textile Handcuff Handcuffs, from Plastic handcuffs proposed by the TOE brand and available on our online store SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE, or ASP Tri-Fold Handcuffs offered by the brand ASP.

ASP Tri-Fold Handcuffs

Manual : these handcuffs are very easy to use, as explained in the videos below made by the brand ASP. You just have to to take down, of the pass around the hands of the arrested person, of shoot and D’to lean on. After one second compression for the lock, the handcuffs are properly installed and just as effective as conventional handcuffs.

ASP handcuffs

How to remove them? They are easily detachable thanks to the Scarab Cutter. In addition, you can store them in pairs in the TRI-FOLD Disposable Handcuff Case – ASP.

Disposable textile handcuffs

Manual : pass it first loop around your own wrist, grab the person’s fingers with the same hand and slide the loop over the person’s wrist with your other hand. Repeat the same operation for the second hand.

How to remove them? Thanks to Textile handcuff cutter – Netarm or to Disposable handcuff cutter – GK PRO available on our online store.

Plastic handcuffs

Manual : They are very easy to set up thanks to their slightly curved end. Justwrap around both wrists of the arrested person with the plastic link then lock by assembling the two ends together. Once engaged, the link cannot go back.

How to remove them? By simply cutting them.

In addition to respecting the barrier gestures on a daily basis, remember to update your different handcuffing techniques in order to act together, each at their own level, in the fight for the eradication of this virus!