Which holster to choose for discreet wear?

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The authorization for the security forces to carry their weapon outside working hours was maintained after the end of the state of emergency. Thus, police officers and gendarmes can choose to keep their pistols in their daily activities, provided they obtain the agreement of their superiors and follow regular training. The equipment should not be visible, and should of course be used with care, as a last resort and in safety. To maintain great freedom of movement without sacrificing efficiency, major brands of safety equipment have developed discreetly wearing holsters, designed for civilian use.

Policeman, gendarme: why wear a discreet holster?

Being a force of order is a vocation. A policeman or a gendarme does not give up his reflexes and his concern to serve the population by leaving his service! Witness of an attack or a serious event, he can intervene on the spot to defend the unarmed victims. However, when he is not wearing the uniform, the agent must not show his weapon, for obvious reasons (confusion, fear, provocation …) There are very efficient holsters with particularly discreet wearing, which allow a pistol to go unnoticed under usual clothing. These tactical materials are designed by professional references (Vega Holster, Patrol, Cytac, Safariland), protect the firearm, guarantee easy access and a high level of comfort.

The different holsters for discreet wear.

Make your selection according to your expectations: do you prefer a soft or rigid discreet carrying holster? Specific to your weapon or universal? Among the great classics, we find the compact holster that can be hung on the belt with loops. For more maneuverability, some holsters in discreet wear use a very fast Paddle attachment that is compatible with a belt, a shoulder holster holder or a MOLLE loop. Some law enforcement officers are more comfortable with a shoulder holster, which they attach to a holster holder hidden under their T-shirt or shirt. A weapon can also go unnoticed on a discreet holster belt, which has the advantage of offering compartments for storing magazines. Finally, the great classic holster inside provides maximum accessibility to the weapon, for minimum bulk.