All about military medals

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Why ?

Established in 1852 by Napoleon III, the military medal was used to reward the best soldiers in his troops, thus ensuring their support for the battles to come. Anonymous soldiers and great warlords were then placed on the same footing of equality under a common motto: “Value and Discipline”. Nowadays, military medals represent the third French decoration after the Legion of Honor and the Order of the Liberation.

What are the criteria for awarding a medal?

To receive a military medal you must:

  • Be engaged for France for at least 8 years

  • To be called to the order of the army

  • Having been wounded in combat

  • Have accomplished an act of courage, bravery or dedication

The decision must also emanate from a proposal from the Ministry of the Armed Forces as well as from the council of the order of the Legion of Honor. The decision then comes to the President of the Republic who signs the award decrees.

When are military medals awarded?

There are 2 annual promotions:

For half a century of existence, the military medal has decorated more than a million soldiers and non-commissioned officers, including around 10,000 women since 1859.