Celebrate a real ninja children’s birthday in Hamburg

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Become a real ninja for a day? That works with our ninja Children’s birthday party in Hamburg. As a parent, you face the great challenge of making your child’s birthday even more spectacular than last year. There is nothing better than the smile of your own child when they are celebrating their own special day and can spend time together with their best friends on this special day. So how cool would it be if that day the child could become one of the most mysterious characters in history: the ninja.

Ninjas have fascinated children for centuries and are role models for our little ones. For example, many children dress up as ninja when they are invited to a themed birthday or a carnival or Halloween party. But here is a crucial part missing. Although the children dress up like ninjas, they may not even know how a ninja lives and fights. You can find out all of this at our interactive ninja children’s birthday parties. A ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg turns your son / daughter into a real ninja.

In this blog post we would like to show you how our ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg is structured and which services are included in the individual packages. In addition, we would like to show why a ninja children’s birthday party in the Dojo Altona Ninjutsu will be a very special day that the child will never forget.

This is how the ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg is structured

The children’s birthday package for 199 euros

If you book a ninja children’s birthday party with us, you have the choice between two packages. The first package costs 199 € and is the basic variant. This package includes, first of all, that the kids are offered an exciting and sporty program for two hours. They have their own room for this. The entire ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg is led by one of our qualified and specially trained trainers who have years of experience in ninjutsu (the martial art of ninjas) and dealing with children. The room available to you for your birthday can accommodate up to ten children. Of course, you can also be there all the time, take photos and watch your child have a wonderful day.

In addition, the price includes drinks and fruit, which the children chop up ninja-faithfully and without risk during one of our party games. In addition, all participating children receive their own ninja rental suit, which turns them into a real ninja not only internally but also externally. In the course of our diverse and varied ninja games, our trainer introduces the participants to the culture of ninjas in a sporty way during the two hours.

This is how a ninja children’s birthday works with us

Our ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg includes the following program: First of all, the participants warm up by playing a few games. At the same time, it is about getting to know games. This ensures that the kids get to know each other. It is often the case that the child invites best friends from school on the one hand and best friends from the sports club on the other, who in case of doubt do not even know each other. With our games, we ensure that the group becomes a sworn bunch of ninjas.

After the introductory and warm-up session, the next step in our program follows. We introduce the children to life as ninjas in a very vivid way and show them what it means to dedicate one’s life as a ninja to the struggle for good. Then we will not only theoretically but also practically turn the children into ninjas through a variety of games. Among other things, we show different, child-friendly techniques in ninjutsu and apply them in the course of the game fruit party. At the same time, there will be a ninja olympic games at our children’s birthday party in Hamburg Altona’s Ninjutsu Dojo, in which the kids have to master challenges in teams and work together. In this way, the feeling of togetherness in the group is strengthened and team building is practiced.

During the program, practical, sporting activities and theoretical activities that serve for regeneration alternate. In the course of the “Ninja Weapons Museum” we show the children which techniques and weapons the ninjas use to fight for the good in the world. The ninja children’s birthday party in our dojo in Hamburg is rounded off by other games. At the end of the two hours, the children will have had an unforgettable day as a ninja. Every participant not only goes home with a big grin, but also with a special surprise that we cannot reveal at this point, of course.

But if you don’t want the day to end there, you can book the € 299 package for the children’s birthday party in Hamburg.

Das 299€ Ninja Package

In addition to the package for € 199, there is another children’s birthday package. This package costs 299 € and allows even more options and time in the Ninja Palace. This package also includes 2 hours of supervised ninja action, the participants also get their own suit and become a real ninja both theoretically and practically. However, this package offers a decisive advantage: After the two hours of supervised program, you can still use the room as long as you want. This gives you a wide range of options for expanding the children’s birthday party even further. For example, you can use the room to unwrap the presents or to eat special ninja cakes and special ninja cakes. A sociable get-together after the two-hour ninja training session rounds off every children’s birthday and is a nice way to end it.

Celebrating a ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg: the advantages

Excellent, exciting birthdays can be celebrated in our dojo. With our interactive and sporty program, we ensure that the children become their great role model ninjas for a day. Through the combination of theory and practice, the children are encouraged on the one hand to deal further with the nature of the ninjas. On the other hand, the children learn how fun it can be to play sports. This is by no means to be underestimated. Fewer and fewer children are joining sports clubs and doing sports actively. It is obvious that this has health disadvantages. At our birthdays, the children see that exercise is fun and that sport is something really great, which even the great role models of the children – the ninjas – already knew.

Of course, we and our qualified trainers pay attention to the safety of the children at all times. There are age-appropriate variations of the games. We refrain from fighting completely, as well as exercises that involve punches or kicks. The focus is clearly on the playful exploration of the ninjas and not on aggressive elements of martial arts. In general, it should also be said at this point that ninjutsu has little to do with classic martial arts such as boxing or karate. Ninjutsu places a much greater emphasis on health and sustainability.

In addition, as already mentioned, the ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg offers the opportunity for the kids to emulate their great role models. So you can see that our ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg promises a varied, sporty and exciting program. Nothing stands in the way of your children’s enthusiasm. If you would like more information about our ninja children’s birthday party in Hamburg or would like to find out more about ninjutsu and the many advantages of this special martial art, please take a look at our website or contact us with any questions.

We hope to soon be able to experience an unforgettable day as a ninja with you and your child.

Your Altona Ninjutsu team