Wearing the weapon on the thigh authorized by the gendarmes

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Gendarmes, wearing of the thigh holster for the staffing PA

Since July 27, 2016, date of the “NOTE-EXPRESS” of the DGGN, the port ofthigh gun is authorized to all members of the Gendarmerie, subject to meeting certain conditions.

The soldiers of the Gendarmerie in service and in uniform are equipped, for the transport of the pistol SIG SAUER 2022, a secure regulatory case adapted to their context of use.

However, for different reasons, some military personnel may request to use thigh holsters to facilitate the extraction of the weapon.

The “NOTE-EXPRESS” of July 27, 2016, therefore fixes the methods of wearing and the rules of use of the regulatory case equipped on a thigh offset.


Previously limited to staffed personnel (motorcycle units, BMOs, etc.), then extended to soldiers serving in surveillance and intervention platoons or intervention platoons, the wearing the thigh holster is now allowed to all members of the Gendarmerie, subject to meeting the conditions.

Wearing on the thigh does not entail any modification in the technique of shooting, however the soldier of the Gendarmerie who wishes to acquire this device must carry out during the shooting sessions, a response fire of 5 cartridges minimum with his equipment, in order to be allowed to use their thigh holster.

Participation in a riposte session with live ammunition with a thigh case, as well as the validation of this session by the assessor constitutes authorization to wear by the command.

To this end, the thigh or thigh plate offset devices will be considered as a regulatory effect with non-compulsory wear, the acquisition of which may be made. individually, on which everyone can place the” regulatory case received as an endowment.