Proactive Or Reactive Self Defense Methods

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There are two primary types of self defense methods: proactive and reactive. Ideally, you will employ a combination of proactive self defense methods and reactive self defense methods for dealing with potential violence and attackers.

What is Proactive Self Defense?

As the name implies, proactive self defense are techniques you use before someone attacks you. Being proactive should prevent a dangerous or violent situation from happening and gives you time to put space between you and the possible criminal. For example, if you’re walking down the street and see someone who looks a bit suspicious or who otherwise makes you uncomfortable you have the opportunity to employ proactive self defense. You can cross the street so you’re walking on the opposite side as the individual you’re unsure about. You can go into a store or public place if you’re in a location where that is possible. Proactive self defense lets you avoid confrontation.

When you’re aware of what’s going on around you and of potential dangers, you have time to think about a strategy if a threat occurs. If an attack seems like it’s about to happen, you can make sure you have quick and easy access to your pepper spray or other self defense device. Being ready to act gives you a better chance at spraying the attacker in the face rather than waiting until he or she is attacking you before trying to make a move.

Being proactive means you’re paying attention to your surroundings. If you’re walking with your head in the clouds and your MP3 player blaring in your ears, you give up your opportunity to be proactive and avoid a potentially dangerous or violent situation.

What is Reactive Defense?

Once you’ve been attacked, the opportunity for proactive defense is gone and now you must employ reactive self defense methods in order to get away from the attacker. Let’s say you have pepper spray with you and you keep it in your purse. If someone jumps on your back while walking through a dark parking lot, you’re going to have an awfully hard time digging the pepper spray out from the bottom of your bag and spraying an attacker while he or she is attacking you.

Once you are being attacked the only thing you can do is react to the situation. You have no time to prepare or possibly prevent the situation from happening. Reactive self defense techniques include physical fighting and attempting to outrun an attacker.