How to become a sports coach? Training and advice!

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Sport is an important part of your life, you already have a lot of knowledge and you want to share it with as many people as possible. Becoming a sports coach is therefore your life project. But what is it exactly, a sports coach? What are the studies necessary to exercise this profession? What are the opportunities ? I answer all the questions you surely ask yourself!

What is a sports coach?

He can be self-employed, get hired in a gym or work for an organization. In particular, he can become a sports coach with Coach Hunter, to find clients more easily and to join the more than 500 graduate coaches across France.

The sports coach is a professional, who works in a gym or directly at the home of his clients, in groups or in individual training. He will give advice and schedule training sessions, to help those who want to get back in shape, lose weight, gain muscle, power, flexibility, explosiveness, speed, according to the needs of its customers.

A sports coach with accreditation also has a societal role. Its goal is to encourage people to move more, to fight against weight problems and sedentary lifestyle. He has the role of educator who will seek to modify the lifestyle of his clients, to allow them to achieve their goals and have a healthier life.

He is also an accompanist, who must be attentive, in order to correctly define the precise goals of those he coaches. Some will just want to lose weight and get back in shape, others will need more physical preparation to improve performance in their disciplines. We then speak of physical trainer, essential for any high level athlete, especially in combat sports such as boxing, judo or MMA.

What studies to become a sports coach?

become a sports coach

There is no diploma to become a “sports coach”. However, Article L.212-8 of the Sports Code does not authorize the supervision of a sporting practice for remuneration, if you do not have a professional card.

To obtain it, you must have certain diplomas such as a license in STAPS, BPJEPS, DEUST or even BEMF (among others). Otherwise, if a non-graduate starts as a sports coach, trainer, instructor or even a simple gym leader, he incurs a prison sentence of one year and a fine of € 15,000… We prefer so pass his diploma …

University training

To become a sports coach, the most common diploma for those who have left school is the (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport). There is continuous training or apprenticeships to obtain this diploma. It is necessary to respect a training course of at least 600 hours, which will last 2 years.

The STAPS training come after 3 years of studies after the Bac. The candidate will obtain at the end of his university course, a master’s or a license in Sports Coaching Science. There are 3 different formations:

  • Education and motor skills license : This is the training that we will follow to become a teacher of PE in college or high school.
  • Sports training and motor performance license : Will allow you to become a specialized trainer in a sports club, to train athletes.
  • Adapted physical activity license : It is a training that will allow you to take charge of physical training for people with reduced mobility or athletes in rehabilitation.

Finally, the DEUST (Diploma of Scientific and Technical University Studies) is a complete training, recognized by the state, which is obtained after two years of study. This is the diploma that is recommended for all those who wish to become a fitness coach.

Shorter training sessions with the Ministry of Sports

The university courses mentioned above make it possible to obtain very complete knowledge on different sports practices and on sport in general. However, it is not always easy to obtain these diplomas if you have been out of school for several years already.

If you are targeting a particular discipline, such as bodybuilding or fitness, then the Ministry of Sports offers shorter courses, which will be perfectly suited to entrepreneurs wishing to become a home coach. It’s about  (Fitness and Strength Gymnastics).

You must be over 18 and have already passed the Civic First Aid test (PSC1). You will then have to carry out some tests, with running, weight training, to prove your abilities and take a few courses to really understand the profession of sports coach.

Possible career developments

Being a home sports coach is often the best way to start and have your first clients, without taking big financial risks. Others will prefer to open a room directly, but the investment is of course more important.

There are additional training courses in order to gain skills throughout your career as a sports coach. It can be about nutrition, health and well-being, motivation or high level sport. We can then move towards a job as a life coach, or a career as a physical trainer in a sports club. Others are also turning to paramedics and physiotherapy.

In short

Becoming a sports coach is within the reach of all those who have a real passion for sport and the body. Whether you are young and still studying or want to reorient yourself and change jobs, there are possibilities.

If you have a well-shaped body, you are already an attractive showcase for those who would like to get in shape. You have to be versatile, be able to respond to all requests and adapt training according to the level of the students. You will be a support, and a source of motivation for all those you coach, and your role will always have a beneficial impact on your clients. It’s a great job!