The Task Force 2215 brand

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New arrival in the field ofOutdoor and tactical equipment, the brand Task Force 2215, was presented for the first time at the IWA OutdoorClassics in Germany in March 2019. It is because it is already positioned as a Premium brand that we immediately adopted it on Vetsecurite.with.

Born of a need, this brand was think through lis experts of the tactical world for the speakers of experienced land. In order to create this brand, the Dutch wholesaler Van Os Imports was able to rely on more of 65 years of experience in military equipment, in order to offer a new range of equipment and high quality tactical clothing.

The result is a collection perfectly suited to adventurers who are not cold-eyed as well as to all those who have made tactics their way of life. All theThe products are created from excellent quality raw materials and extremely technical such as fabrics Cordura, Teflon, YKK fastening solutions, buckles Duraflex and many others.

Designed as a high-quality modular range, it sets out to develop tactical and outdoor clothing with multiple functions. All these specificities make it possible to adapt this line of clothing and accessories to all conditions and all needs, even the most specific. The whole range Task Force 2215 will allow you to complete your equipment and frome personalize according to your desires and needss.

The brand is defined through four pillars:

  • L’brand identity: a Shared DNA through all dproducts who want to adventurous, versatile, professional and built to last.

  • The vision: to create a range oftactical equipment ultimate outdoor

  • The mission: to provide a functional tactical range designed for the challenges of today and tomorrow and all areas of operation

  • The message: Sbe adventurous. Be tactical. Quench that thirst for adrenaline!

The range consists of clothing, bags, cases and pockets, belts, caps and many other accessories. in several colors that will allow you to build up a complete outfit depending on your wishes.

Tactical clothing and accessories

Small medical pouch: Allows you to carry medical equipment for quick use

Outfits designed for field operations