The Paris Fire Brigade

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The Paris fire brigade (BSPP) was created on September 18, 1811 following a fire at the Austrian Embassy. Napoleon I was then challenged by the inadequacy of the security system linked to the fight against fire and entrusted this mission to a military body, the Paris Fire Brigade Battalion. Their motto: “Save or perish”.

The BSPP in a few figures:

The Paris Fire Brigade intervenes on 124 communes spread over 4 departments and covers 760 km² area, comprising a high population density of almost 7 million inhabitants. To these townspeople, is addednt more than 50 million visitors each year and 2 million Ile-de-France residents each day. Their protection is ensured by 77 rescue centers including 3 NRBC rescue centers (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) and 2 nautical rescue centers.

In 2019, this military engineering unit accounts for an intervention every 60 seconds for over 30,000 lives saved. There are more than 500,000 interventions, or nearly 1,400 daily interventions. The average presentation time is 7 minutes, for an average emergency response time of 87 minutes and fire intervention of 114 minutes. This unique interdepartmental structure thus goes beyond the status of a local authority in order to act for the national issue.

Who are they and what are they doing?

The BSPP has agents of different training with varied skills. From career soldiers or under contract through non-commissioned officers from the brigade corps, the composition of this unit is full of diversity. It is also this diversity that makes its strength.

The Paris firefighters must continually ensure the protection of people and property in the capital, but also in the departments of the inner suburbs. We count on average 9.2 firefighters per km² in this zone against 0.34 in the rest of France.

These fire officers have at their disposal 130 pump machines, 63 aerial ladders, 66 vehicles to rescue victims, 71 reconnaissance instruments and more than 130 special machines.

If you want to become a Paris Brigade firefighter, you can apply here. In order to integrate this brigade, you will have to pass various tests such as a complete medical examination, sporting events, psychotechnical tests as well as an individual interview for motivation and evaluation.

You can also find a retrospective of the most beautiful intervention shots from the start of the year on their Instagram page.