How to choose the volume of your bag?

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Are you going to be required to go on a mission? You are a follower hiking? Do you want to organize a trek with friends? Any of these adventures will not be possible without this essential equipment: the backpack. You should often hear the terms volume, liter, capacity and capacity, it is important to know that these terms have the same meaning, they correspond to the space available in your bag.

If you’re not sure what type of bag might be right for you, this article is for you. That you are bring to leave for an afternoon or even for long weekss, you will find various information that will allow you to choose your bag at betterx.

How to choose the right bag?

First of all, you have to ask yourself the right questions: how long ? In what climatic conditions ? On what type of terrain ? the sleeping place, bivouac or hostel?

In order to choose the right bag, you have to determine the use you are going to have of it. Meven if the bag Backpack remains the main element, the one that will allow you to carry everything you need, it is important to choose it last when you prepare. The choice of this must be made depending on its material and not vice versa so as not to be surprised by a lack of space.

For determine the literage you will need, there is some tips. Try to make you to lend a bag and if this is not possible, use a garbage bag of 30, 50, 100 liters. The volume best able to accommodate your equipment will allow you to determine the capacity of the bag you need.

Be careful not to choose a luggage too large a volume, synonyme from part unused, therefore additional weight useless. It could also lead you to fill your bag with materials that you did not need.

thes volumes up to 45 liters

Most classic backpackss possessesnt a capacity less than 45 liters. They allow you to store your personal effects as well as some subsidiary items. If you are an adepte mountain sports, such as trail running, ski touring, alpine skiing and hikings of somes one hour backpack less than 30 liters can match you. In addition, if you decide to go for one or more days, you atrez necessarily need material. One 45 liter bag will allow you to‘to take with a water reserve, food, spare clothes in order to To do facing bad weather as well as special equipmentcific like a camera for example.

If you are brought to sleep in a bivouac, he is preferableto direct you to a larger volume, as it is difficult to transport bedding in such a small volume.

thes volumes de 46 at 90 liters

If you orient yourselfthis toward a 46 to 90 liter bag, is that your mission is going to be a little longer. The bags of this volume will allow you to practice bivouac treks, alpine outings of several days, excursionss in full autonomy in all serenity.

For the luggage whyall capacity, you will have to gater a weight load plus important, which is why it is essential that your luggage is adapted to your morphology. The length of the straps represents the surface that will be in contact with your back. One Bag too large or too small will be problematic for heavy loads, since the weight will be poorly distributed. That is why, on baggage of this type, have a waist belt will be an important asset in the weight distribution.

These luggage will allow you to transport more provisions, such as food and water, but also extra clothes in order to cope with climatic conditions, whether sunny or rainy. You can also take with you various specific equipment such as trekking poles, orientation tools or even climbing gear. If you will be spending the night outdoors, wearing a tent, sleeping bag or mattress will be easier with a bag of a volume located between 46 and 90 liters.

The volumes of 90 liters and more

If your choice leads you to a bag of more than 90 litersis that you go away for a long time. Whether in the mountains or in all other area, wearing thiss luggage will require a specific physical condition. For bags of this volume, it is important not to neglect the equipment that can give you better performance. The waist belt is essential, just like the strap chest, these equipments you will ensure a good weight distribution from your container to relieve your back and get a better balance.

The quality of the bag, as well as its finishes will also be a major asset. One reinforcement Mesh 3D at the level of the straps and the back willto prevent la friction during prolonged wear. This type of backpack, which is very bulky, has a inconvenience, tidying up. This is why it is wise to opt for a bag that has differentes openings in order to facilitate access to your equipment.

It is best to arrange your bag perfectly, setting up sleeping gear first. These equipments are very bulky and their use will only take place at the last moment. Next, you will have to distribute around this heavy material your clothes which are modelables and adjustables depending on the place. To finish, place the material to be used quickly on top of the bag as your windbreaker, your sunglasses, etc.

In withclusion …

The type of exit will determine the contents of your bag. That you are brought to practice activities such as skiing or climbing, whether you are in complete autonomy or not, your baggage must have a location for your specific material. Indeed they are stored inside, or hung outside, this equipment must be arranged as best as possible. If they are located outside, the equipment must be stable, but also in the capacity to be protectedand inclement weather. If you are an enthusiast, owning two bags will allow you to choose which one is best suited to your trip. Par elsewhere if you don’t have one qu” only one use of compression straps will allow you to reduce the volume of your bag whenexpeditions shorter.