The National Police Reserve

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The Civil reserve of the National Police is accessible to a large number of French people. She is made up of volunteer citizens, from retired police officers and D’former security assistants. We will approach the subject of the volunteer citizen a little more detail, through thehe various functions and missions of a civilian reservist of the National Police.

thes missions

Vyou want support the police during important events? Do you want to act for your country? You can engage as a voluntary citizen in order to integrate the Civilian reserve of the National Police… Vyou main missions will be to support the operational activities (participate in a security perimeter during disasters), from specialists (IT, legal expertise) orDeputy Judicial Police officer (road safety, collection of information). In contrast, in as a civilian reservist of the National Police, it is not possible to participate in the maintenance and restoration of public order.

If you carry out a mission on the public highway, you will be equipped with an outfit consisting of a polo shirt or t-shirt, pants and a pair of rangers. It will be completed with a bulletproof vest as well as inssign of the civil reserve. In addition, you will not be armed. Any other mission will be carried out in civilian clothes.


Following your engagement, you will benefit from a 10-day training course in a National Police school in order to develop thehe following modules: the functioning of the police, the missions assigned to reservists, safety in intervention and information relating to weapons.

This commitment is initially planned for a renewable period of one year. up to 5 years. Moreover, the maximum duration of assignment cannot exc90 days per year. It will also be necessary to obtain an authorization from the employer if the missions ou training exceed 10 dayborn per year. Due to your engagement, no disciplinary sanction or dismissal can be pronounced. against you by your employer.

Lhe remuneration is between 50 and 195 € gross per day depending on your function. If the exercise of your activity is carried out in Isle of France, this is slightly higher (between 55 and 203 € gross per day). Namely, the training periods are compensated.

Admission requirements

In order to be able to integrate the reserve, certain conditions must be met. We must see between 18 and 65 years old, be of French nationality, not to have been condemned to the loss of civic rights or to the prohibition to exercise in public employment, be in good standing with the defense and citizenship day and be in good physical condition. What’s more, it is also a commitment to the code of ethics of the national police and gendarmerie that you must respect.

If you wish to join the national police reserve as a voluntary citizen, you can access the form here. You must attach various documents and, following that, if you are selected, you will have to pass a recruitment interview as well as a medical examination.