The National Guard

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The National Guard

The National Guard was created in 1789 and is, since 2016, the sum of operational reserves. It is made up of reservists from the Ministries of the Interior and the Armed Forces. In total, 76,000 French citizens which protect the French and strengthen the cohesion of the nation. Volunteers, they decide, in parallel with their civilian life, to act in the service of protection of the nation by committing. They are nearly 7,000 reservists on the ground on a daily basis.

The National Guard has become a key player from protection of our country and above all makes it possible to respond to a thirst for commitment. She is made of 10 operational reserves different that we will present to you below:

Land Force

The Army operational reservists are trained, trained and equipped to fulfill the same missions as active soldiers in order to bring operational reinforcement. Their use makes it possible to find a certain flexibility by bringing additional staff during peaks of activity. In addition, reservists also bring personal knowledge which can be of invaluable help to active soldiers (legal, IT skills, etc.). For more than 5 years, the number of reservists engaged in the national territory for defense and security missions has more than doubled.

The Air Force

The Air Force operational reservists are trained to contribute to missions as a part-time military. They can be entrusted with different missions as part of the protection of national territory. The permanent protection from national airspace, but also that of combat systems and military and civilian sites. In addition, they can also take part in the VIGIPIRATE plan for example.

They can also be mobilized in civil emergency and relief plans for populations.

The French Navy

Operational reservists contribute to the protection of installations and navy units, to the surveillance from littoral and at control naval traffic commercial. Depending on their individual skills, reservists can be assigned to specific areas: diving, cyber defense, etc.

Reservist sailors can be assigned to the entire metropolitan and ultra-marine territory, or even have to integrate external operations.

The National Gendarmerie

Gendarmerie reservists contribute directly, alongside their active comrades, to the safety production (guaranteeing the protection of people and property, providing information, alerting, providing assistance). Usually, they are summoned to temporarily reinforce the gendarmerie units close to their homes. The reservists of the National Gendarmerie participate fully in missions in the service of the population.

National Police

The voluntary civilian reserve of the National Police has evolved considerably in recent years. From its inception, it was intended only for police retirees. Since March 2011, the reserve has become accessible to all citizens volunteers from 18 years old.

The Army Health Service

The reservists present in this corporation are mainly from the health field. They are solicited for to work either within one of the 17 centres medical officers in France, within the 8 army training hospitals, in one health supply establishment or from the biomedical research institute.

The Directorate General of Armaments (DGA)

They bring their expertise scientist and technique, in support or in mainly reinforcement from teams from DGA, but also to other armed forces or attached formations.

The Defense Infrastructure Service (SID)

Whether they are advisers or experts, the 200 reservists ensure support and adaptation of army infrastructure, directions and services on French territory, in DOM-TOM and to the foreigner, as well as the support for the stationing of forces in external operations.

The Armed Forces Commissariat Service

The purpose of this service is to provide skills in procurement, audit, law, financial law, management, supply chain, etc., in military missions within a unit, a staff or a service.

The service of gasoline of the armies

Their role is refueling of all the essential petroleum products in support of the forces. Responsible for terminal distribution, they exercise in all weather et en all circumstances.

A current point

L’2020 edition of reservist days takes place from October 10 to November 12 on the following themes: Proud to be reservists and Proud of our Reservists. The objective of these days is to promote the meeting between the grand public and the operational reservists of the National Guard in order to facilitate exchanges and understanding of their engagement in the field. Across the country, businesses, schools and some local administrations will set up activities to understand the role of National Guard. On the program, sports activities, meetings, testimonies, but also military ceremonies will enhance the commitment of reservists. If you would like to know the exact locations and dates of the meetings and scheduled activities, do not hesitate to contact your local units !

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