The Army launches into space

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Air and space army

Air and space force ©


The hawk has been kept because it is an evolution and not a complete change of the Air Force and Space. A curve is implanted to represent the Terre, the mind warrior of the army is evoked with a bird who is cabre to kill its prey.


Since September 11, 2020, the aviators fly into this new environment of increasingly connected disagreement that has become space. The Air and Space Force must ensure its defense and ensure the freedom access and action, by having a better knowledge and to anticipate the threat spatial potential. This objective takes place over the long term to compete with other countries. It is therefore a reorganization of aeronautical resources which generates an increase in the budget.

The impacts

The only impact on this development is on the side financier, with some investments military who have passed the bar of 30 billion from dollars in the space.


In 2030, space will be frequented by objects in orbit, which will cause the risk of unintentional collisions.

The Conflicts will generate new tensions and threats. However, the Air and Space Force will be equipped with additional defense strategies. Clearly, they should lead to detect, characterize and identifier dangers. They could also be shared with states members of the European Union in order to increase its efficiency. The Army will remain faithful to navigation, telecommunications and satellite observation systems.


Across the space command, of them units take care of the proper functioning of the satellites as well as their protection :

  • the CMOS*, ensures the reception of requirements and all image processing operations. The DRM** has the role of controlling the operations of the CMOS, it develops the priorities national and distributes the requests in collaboration with its foreign counterparts over the four types of satellites operated by France.

  • The role of COSMOS***, is to ensure the continuous monitoring of the space outer space. Its mission is to work on autonomy and the valuation military operations as well as security people.


The Air Force and Space ensures compliance with military space policy. It also ensures the reinforcement military uses, knowledge space news as well as its development. All these missions make it possible to ensure daily its missions of protection of the French territory.

Four missions are implemented by the Air and Space Force:

Nuclear deterrence : The nuclear naval air force takes care of the nuclear deterrence demanded by the President of the Republic.

External operations : The Air and Space Army continues to fight armed terrorist groups for Operation Barkhane and Chammal.

Protect our airspace and its surroundings : To strengthen protection against possible threats, to avoid attacks on civilian planes or aircraft in emergency situations.

Space : The Air Force and Space ensures that space operation is respected. It ensures the strengthening and protection of French territory.


To conclude, this evolution of the Air Force and Space will highlight the new technological advances put in place. Budgetary resources have increased to accomplish their missions, defend and protect our nation. Now the Air Force will have more equipment available to detect, characterize, identify and neutralize potential threats harmful to France.

* CMOS: Military satellite observation center

** DRM: Directorate of Military Intelligence

*** COSMOS: operational center for military surveillance of space objects