Interview with Geoffrey – Fire safety – SSIAP1

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His identity

I am Geoffrey Ruscito and I am 21 years old. Before starting the security fire, I was in tourism BTS. I am passionate about music and play guitar. I am also active on Instagram @geofrais_r if you have any questions.

I am currently participating in a formation aiming to obtain a certificate from qualification professional agent of prevention and of security / service from security fire and help to the anybody (CQP APS / SSIAP1).

I am sociable, calm, patient, reactive but my fault is to be messy.

What is the goal of your activity? What are the challenges and risks that you can face?

Guarantee the security from people and goods as well as the safety of the building.

The risks that we can have are the departures from fire, fires. I can risk ma life, of course, if a danger potential introduces himself.

What made you want to do this job?

I’ve always wanted protect the people as well as return service.

Do you have to make sacrifices to exercise this profession?

Contrary to firefighters or to forces from order, there is no real sacrifice to be made. The only possible sacrifice is order financier at least only if your region Where Pole use cannot finance the training.

Are there any rules to follow?

Yes ! We have some check-lists to respect, to check the equipment, to make inventory, write handrails or a report. You have to know your building, your hierarchy well in order to have contact with the management because you may have to to transmit from informations.

You must also have a business card. In terms of equipment, we use walkie-talkies, palpation gloves, a patrol controller but also, a DATI (lone worker alarm device), which emits an alarm in the event of an attack or from failure like the loss of balance for example. The signal is directly transmitted to my team which also has one for additional help. Then we have a watch, rangers as shoes, a lamp and then we have the uniform red “FIRE SAFETY”.

What is a handrail?

A handrail is a descriptive of all the events (incidents, accidents, fire) which took place during the day.

Do you practice a sport ?

Yes, I have been rock climbing for 5 years because I have always loved the adrenaline it brings. I don’t have vertigo and it allows me to disconnect, clear my head and decompress.

Do you have any plans?

I plan to do a training course agent from safety airport, because I want to reconnect with travelers. I obtained a BTS tourism, so it allows me to get a little closer to this environment.

Advice on integrating the fire safety service?

You don’t have to be super muscular, you have to be intelligent and have a minimum of logic, to be patient, love the taste for risk and the security environment and above all be motivated.