The decisive technical accessories …

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Private security, law enforcement or military : agents are often exposed to perils of all kinds. The quality and diversity of the equipment can then prove to be decisive for escaping … or quite simply accomplishing a mission with complete confidence. security. We think especially of the military in OPEX but the field interventions carried out by the policemen where the gendarmes can also take place in difficult conditions. This is why it is important to anticipate, by choosing equipment designed for the security professions, developed by the major specialized brands: Patrol, Klarus, TOE Concept, Cyalume, etc.

Survival Equipment …

A military operation, it is not a long quiet river! Anything can happen: an ambush, endless clashes, unplanned travel, vehicle breakdown, an impassable road … The know-how and the coolness of the teams are then decisive in restoring order and saving the troops or simply find the camp. All details matter, and that’s why Vet Sécurité offers accessories like fire-starter survival laces that allow you to start a fire whatever the outside conditions. Cyalume light sticks allow you to indicate your position, both in water and on land. They are visible over a very long distance for several hours. An intervention is based on a good reconnaissance of the ground, and a good preparation. However, during the operation, it is essential to have a good compass, such as the famous military Expedition 4 compass of Silva, and a waterproof map holder. Finally, do not leave without a survival bracelet: its unique paracord braiding allows you to have a rope at any time to get out of an emergency situation.

Difficult interventions in complete safety!

Just like the soldiers in operation on the ground, the police officers, private security agents and gendarmes can face situations which put them in danger. A simple night road checkpoint requires a certain vigilance. For example, you can use a Liggoo security kit to clearly mark out the control area, and a headlamp to keep your hands free. All law enforcement officers also use a tactical flashlight, the effectiveness of which is well established. A waterproof notebook can also be of great help, as can defense spray.