Choose your bag for a police intervention or a military operation!

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The luggage is one of the determining elements of military equipment. Soldiers must be able to rely on strong and practical bags when they go on a mission or join their regiment. Security guards employed in urban areas, such as policemen and the gendarmes, are also looking for large capacity bags to transport their equipment in all weathers and on all terrains. Choosing the right bag or the right satchel is not taken lightly: shape, color, material… it all depends on the use to be made of it during the various missions.

Commando bag, cargo bag, TAP bag: an adapted volume …

As with clothing and technical equipment, military professionals need tactical bags. This specialized luggage is characterized by models resistant, light and big capacity. We distinguish the sacs cargo, the commando bags, the military canteens and the sacs TAP. Some models of commando bags offer a transport capacity that can exceed 100 liters. Cargo, commando or TAP, take care of the versatility of your bag: prefer a model that you can carry at arm’s length, shoulder strap or backpack when you want to have your hands free, like the sac commando Dry. The resistance to abrasion and tears is the second criterion to take into account before buying your bag. Whether it is cotton or polyester, your cargo or commando bag must be reinforced at the seams and waterproofed: you do not go on a mission with a bag not waterproof ! Finally, check the weight: you will need to fill your cargo or TAP bag and carry it long distances, don’t overload yourself. Luggage brands specializing in military equipment offer their bags in different colors: camouflage, noir Where coyote : it’s up to you to choose the print that suits you best. We recommend the camouflage to go on a mission, while black guarantees greater discretion in civilian clothes.

Backpack, bag and intervention bag …

At the same time light, practical and of large capacity, the backpack is one of the essentials. The gendarmes and police, just like the soldiers engaged, appreciate the bags modular well endowed with pockets, as the US ASSAULT backpack where the Back Pack tactical bag. In the field, it may be useful to have a sac ultra-light 100% waterproof to protect fragile material from the elements. There are also saddlebags which are located at the crossroads of tactical bag and the civilian towel. They are ideal for carrying a computer or documents. Others tactical saddlebags on the contrary allow to wear a armed service in a discreet manner. They meet in particular the expectations of the gendarmes or police officers in charge of civil security.