Get ready for a bivouac in Autumn!

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The cold sets in but the sun is still shining … What could be better than long walks in the forest among the dead leaves creaking under your feet? The ideal period for a bivouac of one or more nights therefore… Yes, but well equipped in order to be able to counter the falling temperatures!

Bivouac: a good backpack for a great adventure!

Forty-five liters, sixty liters or even a hundred liters, the backpacks of backpackers but also soldiers and all those who hike for several days on difficult terrain must be resistant but also practical with a capacity and capacity. perfectly suited to their needs. You should know that the concept of liter means the volume of the backpack, including its main part but also its interior and exterior pockets.

Depending on your physical condition, whether you are a walker, camper or hiker, you have to know how to adapt the weight of your backpack and that means choosing your size!

Fire, one of the absolute priorities in survival conditions!

Survivors, soldiers or even hikers, must be able, for their safety, to make fires in any terrain and in any weather. Ancestral techniques can work but are all the same risky (you have to find the right material, the weather and the environment are very dry…). Fire is of course a source of heat, but it is also used to boil water to make it drinkable or to ward off wild animals and signal its camp and its presence with smoke …

The fire starter, generating a generous shower of sparks whatever the weather and humidity conditions, is the ideal and therefore essential tool for the bivouac, especially in cold weather. Today there are clever, discreet and safe solutions to be able to light a fire, such as the fire-starter survival laces which are made of paracord with flint tips and a metal blade which therefore make it possible to make sparks.

The choice of sleeping bag is essential in autumn!

Thermobags, special very cold sleeping bags adapted to the most extreme weather conditions, linings adapted to gain temperatures, duvets… New technologies and new materials related to sleeping outdoors are now proving formidable efficiency.

In bivouac, you should know that a groundsheet will protect you both from insects and other pests and will also be an insulator against cold and humidity. If conditions allow, a camp bed or hammock is also a great alternative.

The use of a suitable silk sheet will of course increase your comfort but also the lifespan of your sleeping bag!

Finally, a clever object, cheap and easy to transport, but which will considerably increase the quality of your sleep in bivouac conditions: the inflatable pillow!