Self Defense Moves – What Is Tempur Beladiri?

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There are many martial arts style in this world. All have their own history, training system and identity. However, the one that attract many peoples to learn martial art is the uniqueness of self defense moves from one another. The most significant is whether it is practical and effective to use when fighting with more than one opponent.

Silat is a martial art that can have both artistic and contact variations. It has it own traditional and upgraded training system in Malaysia. It is also known with unique movement patterns and self defense fighting system. It is this unique fighting style that attracts many self defense experts from Europe and America to come to Malaysia to learn silat.

This fighting system is also known as silat combat or Tempur Beladiri. It is an application of self defense moves throughout fast combat actions that test the efficiency, agility, skills, understanding and ability of silat exponents in mastering all the knowledge in silat. Silat exponent can train tempur beladiri with his or her partner during the silat training session. The procedures of this silat combat are as below;

1. Both silat exponents start the training with Bunga Silat (the defensive and striking movements in silat).

2. The distance between both silat exponents before starting the fight should be between three to four metres.

3. Both silat exponents start the movements with Pecah Langkah (the beginning of the silat moves to start the fight, usually derived from bunga silat movements).

4. The pattern of the fight starts from the Sikap Pasang (silat position based on stance) and ‘Pecah Langkah’ in order to get close to one another. When both exponents come into a distance to attack, one of the exponents can start the spar either with hand or leg strikes. Then, both exponents should get back into sikap pasang position once separated from one another. They should get ready to counter attack using the pecah langkah technique for the next moves.

5. Both silat exponents should stop the combat when one of the exponent signals the Paras (hand symbol to stop fight) signal to stop the fight. The tempur beladiri will end with bunga silat.

Every level in silat training system emphasizes to start the tempur beladiri with simple silat movements. When the silat exponents master the basis tempur beladiri, they can learn to fight using traditional silat weapons such as keris, machete or karambit. The best part is when the silat exponents are skilful enough to master all the self defense moves laid in silat syllabus; they can fight with anybody either with or without weapon. They also will know the fighting secrets on how to fight faster and when to finish the fight. At the end of learning, the silat exponents will feel that all the hard works and hours of practises are well worth with all the experience gains in the process to become an expert in silat.