Safety clothing marking

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VET SÉCURITÉ launches a new service: the clothing customization. Clothing and safety equipment specialist, VET SECURITY equips law enforcement, the dog handlers, the police officers, the firefighters, the gendarmes and the military. Our expertise also meets the requirements of private security agents by listing high quality products: rangers, knives, gloves, handcuffs, defense sticks, radio, metal detector… With personalization, private security officers can have their clothing branded with the logo of their security company: an efficient and economical way to make themselves known to the general public.

The marking of your safety equipment

With VET SÉCURITÉ, you can customize all textile products that come into your security guard equipment : polo shirts, T-shirts, waistcoat intervention cap Where cap, pants, sweatshirt, jacket, rain gear… By marking your professional clothing, you ensure good visibility: the public identifies you as a security guard at a glance, and your company private security made himself known.

VET SÉCURITÉ directly assures the personalization of your clothes. The technical qualities of the textile remain guaranteed: tightness, resistance, thermal performance …

The customizable products are directly identified on the VET SÉCURITÉ online store by the “this product is customizable” pictogram.

Our clothing personalization techniques

VET SECURITY ensures three types of marking.

  • the embroidery : this personalization technique is characterized by its resistance. It is suitable for all security guard clothes. Embroidery can be used to mark a logo, text or even a badge. Be careful, however, with complex images, which will have a better rendering with another marking technique.

  • the textile screen printing : it’s here customization most effective for high visibility clothing that require intense colors. Screen printing is ideal for large series.

  • the hot transfer : a technique of marking designed for customizing large quantities of clothing. On the other hand, the hot transfer does not work on the meshes, the polar or nylon.

Clothing branding: a personalized service

The personalization of clothing is in essence a tailor-made service! VET SÉCURITÉ takes into account the specific nature of your logo or your brand, and provides a wide range of references to correspond exactly to your needs; caps, balaclavas, F1 shirts, Softshell jackets, bags, parkas

Concretely, you choose the content of your marking, its size and color, the marking technique and its location on your security equipment.

Do not hesitate to send us a online quote request. You can detail your need for personalization in the “message” part.

The VET SECURITY personalization service is carried out on series of more than 20 products.