Self Defense Knife – Why It Is Very Important to You

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Learning martial arts is the best way to understand more about self defense knife techniques. Many martial arts practitioners try to master these skills due to the importance of defending themselves from any attackers using knife on the street. 

There are many kind of martial art fighting techniques that you can implement to your training but you need to identify which one that works to you the best. This is because learning the fighting skills to protect yourself from being injured than learning to kill the attacker’s that using the knife to attack you is two different things. The best technique is to train how to avoid from being attack and how using self defense techniques to stop the attacker action. With both parties did not suffer any injury, it is the best way to stop the fight. Furthermore, any injuries will end up to the police records that will be more complicated in the future.

Self defense knife fighting is very important due to the increase of crime rates numbers. This is very important as you need to defend yourself in any emergency situations. Some martial arts training that you need to know is how to fight one-on-one, how to fight with a group of fighters, how to fight with attacker that armed with knife or gun, or even how to control the emergency situation so that no body will get harm in this situation.

One of the martial arts called Silat teaches the student this principle. First, you need to self defense to protect you and the attacker from any harm. That’s why the avoiding technique is the first lessons one will learn in his or her first silat class. This is why the silat exponent will avoid being in any situation or place that can bring harm to him or herself. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Secondly, the students will learn how to block any strikes and avoid any argument. This is because blocking technique will get you in touch with the attackers. Doing this so will prevent the students from any injuries especially in thigh place or in small compound. 

The third lesson is to use the combination of the parrying, blocking and catching technique to catch and lock the attacker joint from harming you. Sometime this technique required many hours of training due to the precision action of identifying the art of catching the strike. Using this technique the student can counter the attacker and move away the knife from the attacker’s hand. The concept of silat is very simple ‘Killing or harming other is a sin except in desperate or emergency situation’. That’s why learning how to self defense fighting is very important not only to counter attack the strike but also how to stop it to harm you and the attacker himself.

Here are several tips that you need to know to avoid being attack:

1. Invest some time and money to learn martial arts that concentrates on self defense (ask the coach and make research about this before going to your first class).

2. Never being in a place that can get you easily being the target of knife victim.

3. Always look around especially before withdrawal money at the ATM machine.

4. Avoid any arguments that can lead to a fight.

5. Practice with variety of size of peoples with knife in your martial arts class so that you can get used with this situation.