Choosing the right rangers

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We call them Rangers, or Rangeots (pronounced “randjot”), but their official name is “Walking boots with adjoining leggings” (BMJA). The shoes worn by military, as well as security guards and firefighters, meet a very high level of requirements in terms of comfort, resistance and performance. Good rangers must have a high level of finish to withstand intense and prolonged use. Their soles thick to ensure effective protection of the feet in difficult environments: rough terrain, stony ground, metal debris, river bed, shards of glass … peg and the lower leg provides a very good foot support for greater safety, prevents stones or gravel from entering the shoe and provides good sealing to the shoe worn by the military. The rangers are part of theequipment base of the military. They are essential for to walk over long distances, cross dangerous terrain and face all conditions (earth, sand, water, mud, stones, bitumen, etc.) These shoes are also popular with private security officers, the police and the gendarmes to ensure the rounds of surveillance of public places or intervene on a danger. The firefighters rangers also appreciate their safety during rescue operations.

Rangers promotions on Vet Sécurité

With Vet Sécurité, buy your rangers Where safety shoes. We have selected the biggest brands: Magnum®, Adidas, Cityguard, Patrol Opex, Ares, Miltec, Lowa. Choose your leather rangers, intervention shoes or low shoes depending on your missions and the ground on which you get into action without spending your entire equipment budget. Vet Sécurité offers a whole range of ranger shoes or intervention on discount ! With discounts ranging from -5% to -40%, it’s time to buy your rangers at the best price. You also benefit from the free delivery of your rangers, as well as free return if the size is not suitable for you. Vet Sécurité brings you personalized advice, for choose your rangers : find the model that suits you, and the right size.

How to choose your rangers?

Vet Sécurité offers a wide choice of rangers and intervention shoes, at unbeatable prices. To find the right model for you, consider the needs of your security profession, and the conditions for carrying out your missions. Some military rangers are 100% leather, like Patrol Opex, others combine leather with fabric (Sympatex®, Vibram®, Ion Mask®) for more flexibility and lightness. We find models like the ranger Magnum® Stealth Force which are suitable for military, law enforcement, private security agents and firefighters due to their performance: notched sole, Flex system, resistance to hydrocarbons, Cambrelle lining, hull …

Certain criteria can guide you in choosing your intervention rangers:

  • the matter : leather rangers full grain or leather and tissue for more flexibility.

  • the weight : an important parameter to take into account, if you have to run or walk for long distances. The full leather rangers, more robust, are also more heavy.

  • the system the cage and closing.

  • the color : black for classic rangers, beige or khaki.

  • the sole : rangers are military shoes, and in this they must protect feet from irregularities in the ground, absorb shocks and insulate against humidity or cold.

  • the presence or absence of shell.

The rangers brand Magnum® most often wins the support of police officers, the gendarmerie and the armies. It also satisfies firefighters with its performance, the resistance of his shoes and their lightness. There are different models of Magnum® shoes, adapted to each area of ​​intervention in security.

Rangers, iconic military shoes

Designed to be “All Terrain”, rangers (or combat boots) are a key element of thesoldier equipment, law enforcement, firefighters and security agents. Today we find traditional leather rangers, especially rangers of the French army, but also canvas models, with a lace up closure facilitated, with a more or less flexible sole, of different colors (brown, green, black). Historically, military rangers replaced the old shoes topped with gaiters in the 1950s. In fact, the first models looked more like high shoes associated with a gaiter closed by a loop. It was not until the following decade that rangers were cut from a single piece of leather. The original rangers are marked by a seal printed on the inner lining which allows to recognize the authentic rangers of the French army.

Notable for their comfort and the security they provide on all types of land, rangers have been adopted by several trades attached to the field of security: police officers, gendarmes, private security agents or from security, firefighter, special intervention units. Vet Sécurité also offers rangers treated anti fire.

“Break” and soften his rangers

The rangers are intended to be worn for several hours in a row, sometimes under stressful conditions intense and in often difficult contexts (heat, cold, rough terrain, bad weather…) They must therefore be comfortable and not to injure the feet so that the military remain fully operational. The police, gendarmes or security guards, who sometimes have to patrol or stay on duty for several hours, share the same requirements for their intervention shoes. The thickness of the leather and the high shape of the rangers shoes easily lead to foot injuries, especially the heel. This difficulty, well known to users, can be solved byleather softening from new rangers. There are several methods: “breaking” the leather by exerting pressure on the heels of the rangers (wedging them under the feet of the bed), but this risks irreparably damaging the leather and causing it to lose its sealing, or grease the rangers withbeef foot oil or sunflower oil. This second method makes it possible to feed the leather to soften it, on condition of passing many layers. Prefer short outings at first so that the rangers adapt to the shape of your feet. It will of course be necessary to renew theleather care for rangers, to take advantage of these comfortable shoes suitable for all situations, from battlefield to surveillance through the long hours of walking.

However, these relaxation techniques are not suitable for models of rangers and intervention shoes which combine leather and textile fibers. These rangers have several advantages: more light, more flexible and easier to maintain, they have won the support of many military, law enforcement officers, gendarmes or police officers.

Using rangers in civilian life

The rangers, although initially military shoes, can be worn without theuniform. Hikers appreciate the ankle protection they provide, as well as their sole thick. The foolproof solidity of ranger shoes also makes it the recommended shoe for airsoft enthusiasts.