Security guard around an event? Choose your equipment carefully!

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At the heart of concerns in events, security!

All public events of medium or large size, count with the presence ofsecurity agents and / or law enforcement in the field.

In a context of heightened vigilance due to the terrorist threat, the event security of any kind is a crucial point on which both authorities and private organizations do not compromise. On average, with a high risk associated with a demonstration, there is one security guard for every hundred people to search, monitor …

Sometimes difficult to implement depending on the nature of the events, the application of security requires precise equipment for agents sometimes from dog teams.

Focus onequipment and material intended for all those who provide security around events.

From the start to the end of a mission, safety equipment …

In the first place, a security guard who arrives at the place of his mission must change to put on an adequate and technical outfit: thesecurity equipment.

This consists of clothing adapted to the terrain (pants, t-shirt or polo shirt, pullover, jacket, jacket or vest stamped “safety” and fitted with retro-reflective bands to improve visibility day and night) . Depending on the season, it can be completed with a cap or beanie also bearing the “safety” mention.

The security guard must also wear safety shoes, such as rangers, suitable for the terrain on which he officiates in the course of his duties.

In most cases, the security guard will also be equipped with communication equipment.

The security guard’s service will not end until after the communication equipment has been returned to the organization for which he works, but also after having changed to put on “civilian clothes” again.

What security equipment should an officer have on him?

Prevent, monitor, guard, welcome and filter the public, but also intervene in emergency situations and help… The daily life of a security agent in events is to be on all fronts at the same time!

For this, the safety clothing are essential but the missions also sometimes require safety equipment to carry!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some essentials:

  • the Talkie-Walkie : of good quality, this essential communication device for a team of security guards must be reliable, robust and therefore of good quality. Sometimes provided by the event organizers, it is also sometimes up to the security guard to be properly equipped.

  • the Universal Radio Holder : Communication accessory in essence, the radio holder, which is worn on the belt, is essential for the security guard.

  • The Tactical Flashlight : Not necessarily provided by the event organizers depending on the missions, a powerful rechargeable tactical light is nevertheless part of the essential equipment of the security guard.

  • the Brassard : Fluorescent or retro-reflective, the armband must be worn for all day and night missions of the security guard so that it can be more easily distinguished from the general public but also from his team itself.