Improve your health by relaxing with the Feldenkrais method!

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Something new in ours again Martial arts school for self defense. The Ninjutsu Academy in Altona / Bahrenfeld offers free of charge for all students of the Akademie Feldenkrais.

On April 26th, 2018 we had a free seminar started. All interested parties could get a simple and non-binding impression of Feldenkrais in Hamburg Altona.

The Feldenkrais Seminar was experienced through our Feldenkrais teachers Claudia & Monika directed. for Beginners, beginners and advanced There was a lot to discover Ninja!

Ninjutsu is more than just learning the martial art! Master your inside and outside and become a happy student!

Physical freedom, more consciousness and improved Wellbeing. Every movement, even before your birth, helps your body to express your inner thoughts and feelings. To Moshe Feldenkrais every body is the key to better self-confidence and wellbeing. So from outside to inside.

With the method of Moshe Feldenkrais you can get better through exercise in every situation and benefit from it in your daily life! With the Feldenkrais Method you can get there to break free of patternsblocking the connection between your inner ideas and the expression of your body.

During a Feldenkrais lesson, you will be guided through a series of movements that will help you Time and awareness to use for your own perception and experience. By doing the movements, you can become aware of how you are moving and how you can improve. Your Muscle tension of small changes in movements that lead to a flowing, painless Lead movement, lose weight.

Let yourself be inspired by the quick and clear changes from hour to hour. Feldenkrais! always Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m., in the Ninjkutsu Academy Altona