Secure your home with Protection 24 remote monitoring

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Nowadays, with the increase in intrusions, it is not easy to calmly leave your home unattended. Thefts, burglaries, fires, floods, all difficulties impossible to foresee without adequate assistance. The presence of a video surveillance system reduces the risk of intrusion by nearly 60%. This is where Protection 24 comes in for you!

p24 video surveillance

A Video Surveillance Pack, which takes care of everything, for you

The pack video surveillance by Protection 24 is an autonomous video surveillance system. It fully protects your home, assisted by the latest innovations in security, simple assembly and configuration, high-definition camera, expert agents, bringing together all high-end surveillance services.
The pack adapts to your accommodation, house, apartment, one or more cameras, whatever your property you will be optimally protected. Unlike a traditional video surveillance service, certified agents take care of the surveillance of your home 24 hours a day. A transparent price that defies all competition, with a monthly flat rate at the price of € 12.99 including tax for optimal and efficient video surveillance.

Intelligent vision, immediate reaction and autonomy at the best price

A remote monitoring system that protects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day and night. It allows you to receive in real time all alerts related to your home, being equipped with a high definition camera with night vision, rotating stand and sound alarm. Intrusion, flooding, fire: an immediate response is provided for each event by certified operators (APSAD P3) based in France. The reaction is instantaneous, Protection 24 contacts the Law Enforcement for you and you are notified directly on your computer, tablet or phone.

Protection 24, a complete service, always closer to you

Because it is not easy to secure your home and leave it with confidence, this video surveillance pack offers you to accompany you throughout your procedures with the Hotline Protection 24. Unlike the various protection systems, the teams remain available to you even after installation. the cameras have a privacy mode and can be turned on and off anytime, anywhere, via your phone or hotline.