Connected objects in the service of home security

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Hyper connectivity is good for home security. With the rise of smartphones and the miniaturization of components, everyone can secure and monitor their home thanks to increasingly connected and easy-to-use objects.

Connected bulbs and… smoke detectors

smart bulbs

Connected bulbs allow you to control the lighting atmosphere of a home from a smartphone. If the occupants of a dwelling are absent, the management of automated scenarios offers the possibility of simulating the presence of inhabitants. The French brand Bell & Wyson goes even further by integrating a smoke detector into its BW 1.1 bulb.

Sensors to stay connected to your home

connected detector

Motion, intrusion or flood detection, thermometer, etc. connected sensors can do almost anything. Very discreet, they will notify you on your smartphone in the event of an alert.

The connected lock will make you forget the keys

smart lock

Ideal for large families, shared flats or even seasonal rentals, connected locks make it possible to control access to a home using a smartphone or even to create virtual keys limited in time or over time slots.

Camera and intercom connected: smile, you are filmed

connected security camera

The offer in terms of connected cameras is now very vast and increasingly connected. The most sophisticated are equipped with facial recognition software. A shot is then triggered if an unknown face is detected and broadcast directly to the owners’ smartphone. And since the miniaturization of cameras continues to progress, connected intercoms allow residents to receive a video call as soon as a visitor arrives at their door.

Remote monitoring, the home connected to professionals

remote monitoring alarm

If there is one security device that has proven itself over time, it is remote monitoring. Permanently linked to specialized centers, the remote monitoring devices provide an additional layer of security since it is professionals who provide remote monitoring. So an actor like SESPAD, leader in the field, immediately alerts owners as soon as an event is detected by its operators. Response teams can even be dispatched to the site in the event of an intrusion.