A remote monitoring system for better home insurance

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Home insurance and remote monitoring

Depending on the scale of “levels of protection” defined by your insurer, it will determine the level of risk your home presents and the potential compensation. However, it will be advisable, or even imposed by some insurance companies, to respect some measures in terms of protection. If so, you could lose your rights or suffer limited compensation. These measures will depend on the value of your sensitive goods, your geographic area and whether or not your home is on the ground floor, is open to the street or not, etc. If your residence presents high risks, you will be forced to equip it with a safety device at your expense. However, these may be the subject of compensation in the event of burglary in the form of exemption from the deductible for example. Be sure to check with the department concerned before any subscription because not all are equal. Some insurers impose an alarm with or without remote monitoring, which will always be specified upstream.

Remote monitoring and reduction in contributions

Rarely mandatory, the installation of a safety device for your home is sometimes rewarded by your insurer in the form of annual premiums. Despite this, nine times out of ten insurance companies do not reduce the price of premiums based on how well you have protected your home. Cancellation of the excess in the event of burglary is however possible if you have opted for the prior installation of a remote surveillance system.
Be aware in any case that if the total value of your sensitive goods exceeds 80 thousand euros, it will be compulsory to equip your home with an alarm system connected to a monitoring company in order to benefit from cover in the event of burglary. To choose the ideal security system formula for your home, contact a specialized company such as SEPSAD.