Physical activity, an essential shell

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Until now, when it has seemed to us that Covid-19 was loosening, it has always returned.

Society is made of politics, but a country is its people. The strength of people should never be underestimated. Thus, states decide rules and apply them. But the effectiveness of these measures is linked to the awareness of society. These decisions work if societies understand that they are good. On the other hand, when a provision is applied without having worked on it, without having achieved a broad transversal complicity, then things get stuck and do not go well.

This experience forces us to go one step further. Always starting from the truth, we would have to find a way to communicate what the scientific community has already proven. I’m talking about the certainty that physical activity strengthens the immune system. In other words: physical activity strengthens us and prepares us for a hypothetical Covid-19 attack. Physical activity is a shell and everyone has to have it within reach.

We know that people who have worked physically face the attack of the pandemic with the most prepared body, and therefore, with more resources and more guarantees. We know it and until now we do not see it all the time on the news and on the front pages of the newspapers. TVs, radios and large websites would have to be full and this is not the case.

«Physical activity strengthens the immune system. It strengthens us and prepares us for a hypothetical Covid-19 attack. It is a shell and everyone has to have it within reach »

We can no longer function exclusively out of urgency. We have to be proactive, we have to be able to implement preventive measures.

Doing pedagogy of the benefits of physical activity in the situation we live in would be like when in the center of Europe containment dams were erected in the face of the threat of a great flood. It rained, the rivers rose and the houses were saved. This week, instead, we have seen that when the countries – some of the power of Germany! – They do not have these levees ready, it rains, it rains a lot and the consequences are devastating.

If we think of the people and the power of an individual gesture multiplied by the action of thousands of citizens, building many small dams would be like building a great wall. And this is precisely what we need.

We have to socialize what the scientific community wants to tell us: that physical activity strengthens the immune system. We have to become aware of this and the use of centers that are designed for the practice of physical activity must be promoted. And thinking exclusively of people, these physical activity centers have to be declared essential activity centers. It is drawer. Why? Well, because they are: they are essential.

«The centers are designed for the practice of physical activity. Thinking exclusively of people, these centers of physical activity have to be declared centers of essential activity. It is drawer: they are essential »

That would be great news. Think that we will win against Covid-19 with vaccines and PCR, but also by making smart decisions and, above all, by anticipating. Now that we know how you spend them, if you really want to win this pandemic, the key is PRP: foresight, rigor and prevention, three elements that are now as fundamental as ever.