Patrolling by security guards

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You are security agent ? Do you want to become one? Does your company have security guards? Here are the rules to be respectedcter.

Palpation can be performed during special circumstances linked to more or less serious threats to public security. It presupposes the consent of the controlled person. It is a security measure intended to check if a person has one or more dangerous objects. She consists of exercising a light pressure on clothing and accessories worn in order to detect the presence of potential dangerous objects. It is forbidden to put the hands in the pockets of the clothes.

In case of terrorist threat, the prefect set conditions in which controls can be carried out (a duration and a place).

You must not confuse palpations with excavations who are judicial measures, carried out by a judicial police officer or under his order. AIn order to be able to carry out a palpation check, you must have certain authorizations. When you practice as an agent security, you must be approved by the CNAPS and respect certain conditions :

– Palpation must be done by a person same sex;

– It must be done with the person’s consent, who if it refuses, will be refused access to the controlled place;

– If the possession of the object constitutes a infraction, the police or gendarmerie services can be alerted and the agents will then have to follow any instructions given. Otherwise, depending on the procedure put in place, the object may be kept for the period during which the person will remain in the enclosure and then be returned to him on leaving.

For each of its agents, the employer must apply for authorization, valid in the limit of the period of activity within the society Where until withdrawal of their professional card, if applicable.

And you are the organizer of a sporting event, recreational or cultural, bringing together more than 300 people, this approval, once issued, eis then valid for a period of three years.

For perform palpation, there are two scenarios:

– In the event of special circumstances related to the existence of threats to public safety by order of the prefect. article L.613-2 of the CSI

– For access to a sporting, recreational or cultural event bringing together more than 300 spectators. article L. 613-3 of the CSI

Palpations, reserved for access to closed places must be carried out under the control of a legally competent judicial police officer.