Airsoft: customize your replica

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Today, the most common theme when practicing airsoft is to oppose on a marked terrain two teams who will follow a scenario and defined rules by the organizers. In order to evolve serenely during your games ofairsoft, it is necessary to have a set of equipment to practice the discipline without danger.


The addition accessories allows to improve l’immersion during the games, but also makes it possible to make the line more aesthetic and more performing.

Be careful, you cannot modifier all the replicas as you wish, your modifications must not exceed the power limit fixed at 2 joules. Your security and that of others are one top priority.

Each available accessory has its own function, which comes from improve performance in different tactical aspects airsoft

Indispensable for the start of your customisation, it is above all what concerns grip and aiming.

A customisation often requires the prior installation of a tactical rail, which will allow you to fix your equipment. There are many kinds of sight, you can opt for a model of red dot. It is an electronic system that allows you to aim optimally. There are several types of red dot like Reflex sights, the holographic, the laser sights Where ACOG which offers fixed magnification levels ranging from x1.5 to x6. You can also opt for a new metallic sight. Your accuracy will be greatly improved thanks to the sights. You can find the brand your holos on our online site.

the grip or the tactical grip is useful on large replicas, it allows a better grip and will increase your stability as well as your precision. It will also make your replica a little more realistic.

One more efficient charger improve the cadence and autonomy.

Equipment such as tactical flashlight where the laser will allow you to see your opponents in the darkest corners for the flashlight and increase your precision for the laser.

The aesthetic aspect

The modification of the paint or the use of ghillie aims to make your replica unique. The camouflage of the troublesome parts of the replica can be done directly with painting, or by gluing adhesive tapes, printed from military motives. Be careful if you are not comfortable with painting, better be careful and do it by a professional. There are many tutorials on the internet.