Risks in the mountains: thunderstorms

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Thunderstorms can have serious consequences. However, it is possible to take certain precautions to guard against this whether you are at home or on an excursion. We also give you some keys to intervene as a witness.

How to minimize the risk?

  • It is important to be sureinformer from conditions meteorological before embarking on an outing. If you see a formation of cumulonimbus-type clouds, this may indicate a fort risk thunderstorm in your area.

  • If you are going for a walk or if you are near a forest, stay away from zones wooded. Indeed, during a thunderstorm, these are zones particularly sensitive to fires.

How to avoid lightning?

Inside :

  • Laptop use is acceptable. However, if possible, unplug all devices electric.

Outside :

  • Get out of your tent and squat down Where put you in fetal position. Indeed, staying upright or lying down promotes electrical circulation (contained in our body). In extreme cases, put the feet in contact with materials insulating like your bag, a rope or a coat and tuck your head in your shoulders.

I am a witness, how to react?