Outdoor post in winter: dress!

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The security agents are very often called upon in December, in order to monitor the animations relating to Christmas and New Year. Christmas market, parades, shows… many events bring families together in public places or in performance halls. The police or private security agents then have the task of protecting the participants from a possible attack, filtering the entrance or supervising the overflows and thus avoid crowd movements. All these interventions are made at theoutside, in unfavorable climatic conditions: cold, bad weather, night. The choice of fleece clothing or a veste softshell is therefore strategic, to withstand low temperatures and precipitation. But security guards may also be required to carry out night checks. It will then be essential to have reflective clothing and lamps adequate.

Outdoor security: beware of the cold

Monitoring public places or entering certain buildings requires standing still for long hours. The temperatures characteristics of the winter months increase the difficulty of exercise, as the cold can strain organisms. The gendarmes, policemen, security agents and even military Even though they are used to it, they must be vigilant about their equipment to accomplish their security mission in the best conditions. We know for example that below 5 degrees, standing still can have effects on health and performance: fatigue, numbness, loss of dexterity. As the head and hands cool first, major brands of safety clothing offer bonnets, from choker in polar or some technical underwear in thermolite which protect from the cold while wicking away perspiration. To remain operational, the police or gendarmes can count on gloves quality that is both flexible and warm.

Technical clothing for field interventions

As everyone knows, it is better to layering several layers of clothing to face the cold. From the Security Agents of the Public Road who ensure the fluidity of pedestrian traffic to the soldiers mobilized within the framework of the vigipirate plan, through the police and gendarmes, all security officials know the value of wearing a high-performance thermal underwear to maintain the body heat and regulate the transpiration. One warm jacket and raincoat is of course a key element of a winter response outfit. Finally, you should never neglect your feet! From socks specially designed for winter keep feet dry and warm all day or night.