Dimatex, a new French brand distributed by VetSecurity

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Dimatex is a French brand created around Lyon in 1996. Specialist in technical fabrics, this SME works on all textile equipment, particularly dedicated to security and rescue professionals

Dimatex, a brand stamped Blue, White, Red at the service of quality!

Aeronautics, Patrouille de France, Heritage Wings, Black-Line, Rescue, Defense, Law enforcement… These are the different ranges offered by Dimatex as a brand ultra-specialized in technical equipment

For defense professionals, Dimatex offers several specialties including medical, packaging, extraction, operations and combat, anti-fall equipment, dog equipment, NBRC protection (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemicals), the intervention tools and of course the patches.

For rescue professionals, this high-quality French brand also produces first-aid kits, bags and accessories (ampoules, lighting, etc.) dedicated to medical, fire, packing, signage, intervention tools. …

For the police, it has also become a benchmark in terms of luggage and equipment (anti-fall, protection, investigation, transmission, accessories, etc.).

Dimatex flagship products

The intervention backpacks that the brand offers can adapt to several trades in the fields of security, law enforcement and rescue. Soldiers, police, gendarmes, security guards, firefighters… Will appreciate the robustness of bags with a foam bottom, with a capacity of thirty liters for a weight of less than one kilo.

The backpack Braco XL Fullblack, is one of the most efficient operational bags on the French market. Adapting to all the circumstances on the most extreme operations, it is designed to be a real ally of defense units, for example.

We cannot say it enough, Dimatex patches are innovative and of good quality, the military will appreciate for example the France patches rubber patches or the blood group gum patches also which are essential.

Images : source Dimatex.